I hope all of you are healthy and safe. We’ve been receiving many phone calls and emails regarding salt therapy and the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we’re sure your customers, clients, and guests have been asking you questions as well.

I want to take time to personally address the current situation and provide you with some perspective, responses, answers, and information that you may want to also share with your family, staff, and customers. Also, get the facts from the CDC and official health agencies as opposed to social media and unverified sources of information.

While there are many health care professionals and clinicians around the world working diligently on researching this particular virus for fighting off and containing the virus, there are no formal studies currently in place specifically testing the impact halotherapy has on this particular coronavirus. I have been in discussions with some physicians here in the United States and abroad who are potentially interested in adding this to quarantined individuals for treatment, however, there are no direct claims that can be made at this time.

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