Traveling around the globe is easier than it has ever been: a mixture of technology and transport improvements along with a growth of disposable income has made it accessible for more people. But the impact intense travel has on the world’s most popular destinations, as well as those not equipped for their booming popularity, is taking an ecological toll. The Global Wellness Summit’s recent 2019 Trend Report points to the rise of wellness travel as a potential solution—but how can it fix overtourism?

What is overtourism?

Ever visited an isolated Instaworthy beach in Thailand only to find it overcrowded with tourists? Or, jostled with selfie sticks at a famous landmark so surrounded by people, you can’t actually see the thing itself (hello, Mona Lisa)? If you’ve travelled, chances are you’ve experienced overtourism yourself, because 46% of trips taken annually are to the same 100 destinations around the globe.

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