Miami, FL: The Caribbean Spa Association Inc. announces its official opening today to resorts, spas, educators, travel professionals, and product suppliers doing business in over 27 countries in the Caribbean. The association aims to create one standard of spa excellence across the region, which has never been done before. Co-founded by four professionals representing spa operations, product supply, resort management and internet marketing, CPSA has the formula to increase sales, customer service and brand recognition. By hosting industry events, the Caribbean Spa Association will increase access to new product lines, trending new spa treatments, and much more to its members.


The association will unite different countries, creating one standard of spa excellence.  Stephanie Rest, Co-founder of CSPA, is passionate about developing the Caribbean culture to create a sustainable future for the next generation. “While working at the Regent Palms, Turks and Caicos I saw a need for proper education, resources and development.” Rest says, “Global Wellness Tourism is a $450 billion dollar industry projected to grow by almost 10 percent annually; it’s the traveler of the future.  In networking with other travel professionals, they too want to be ahead of the trend, to create more wellness opportunities for their countries.”


Remote locations with over a 1000 islands in 27 countries offer guests in the western hemisphere almost limitless spa destinations in a relatively small geographical area. However these qualities create unique business challenges that continental spas rarely face such as shipping logistics, adequate staffing, political constraints, educational support and limited networking with industry professionals. CSPA envisions a future where these challenges are solved through the exchange of information aided by the Caribbean network of members. Alena Stavnjak, Co-founder of CSPA, who spent time in the Caribbean as a spa director with The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, said “As I lived and worked on the island I am very familiar with the challenges that both spa professionals and spa suppliers are facing. I look forward to CSPA connecting all members to overcome these roadblocks, to grow a business’s top line.”


On the Horizon the CSPA team has many exciting networking, media, and regional events planned.  Liliana Grajales, Co-founder of CSPA, has a background in serving on the board of spa associations and creating events.  “The events we are planning will introduce our members to a whole new platform of education, media, and networking opportunities,” Grajales said. The first CSPA Annual Island Conference will take place in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2015.


Phil Zepeda, Co-Founder of CSPA, expressing his excitement over the internet marketing options exclusive to CSPA which no other organization of this type offers to its members, said “This is an emerging market by internet standards; I am confident that CSPA can offer a significant increase in brand awareness and conversions unique to each member.”

The Caribbean Spa Association’s generous membership plan reflects their commitment to the growth of wellness tourism in the region. Look for additional innovative marketing options to be implemented for all members throughout the fall of 2014. Get more information and CSPA updates by visiting or send us an email and contact us directly at [email protected].