A crisp glass of your favorite drink can have a de-stressing effect almost instantly on your mind and body. But did you know that these drinks can de-stress you in other ways as well? One way that is gaining popularity is alcohol-infused spa treatments. Yes, you heard it right.

While boozy nights can lighten your mood and help you relax after a hard day, booze-infused spas can go the extra mile and induce an energizing and rejuvenating effect. They can treat your skin woes, help you relax, and of course, leave you in a state of blissful comfort. 

Curious to know about alcohol spa treatments? Explore these fantastic spas across the globe that will give you a glimpse of boozy pampering. 

Chicago Vintage Bourbon Massage

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying the exquisite flavors of bourbon, like Weller Antique, on vacation. That is unless you experience a vintage bourbon massage. The Spa at the Four Seasons, Illinois, offers a unique bourbon-infused treatment. This refreshing spa experience, inspired by the signature barrel-aged bourbons served at the Allium Bar on the premises, is a must-try for all. 

The treatment begins with a vigorous body scrub that embeds the goodness of coarse brown sugar and Kentucky bourbon. The enchanting aroma and exfoliating properties of the ingredients effectively remove dull skin cells on the top to bring youthful skin from within. The next step involves a relaxing and energizing massage performed with heated stones and powerful essential oils. 

You can also take some time for hand and foot pampering through the bourbon-infused soak treatment choices available here. The spa day comes to an end at the Allium bar, where you can taste the smooth and intricate flavors of single barrel bourbons, chosen to perfection.

Wine Soaked Tuscany Pleasure Treatment 

A Tuscany wine tasting might sound like a cliché plan for the day. So how about a wine spa? Swap the tasting experiences at gorgeous vineyards to a pleasurable spa experience at a restored villa – Il Salviatino.  

Wine has a variety of flavonoids that can work miracles to cleanse your skin. The three-hour Tuscany Pleasure Treatment begins with an exfoliation process performed with red grape seeds and extracts. It helps to fight uneven skin tone and improve complexion. The next step is a fantastic wine body wrap that can have a detoxifying effect while also working on cellulite. The final step involves a Swedish massage performed with grapeseed oil and a face massage using wine-infused face cream.

The complete treatment will leave you smitten by the goodness of this burgundy drink that will leave your skin and mind feeling rejuvenated. All ingredients for the treatment come from local vineyards that ensure quality and freshness. Soaking in the blissful aroma and potent compounds of wine will surely be the highlight of your time in Italy. 

Tequila Massage at Mexico

The punchy shorts of tequila that brighten every party is the central ingredient at the Vidanta spa treatment in Mexico. Derived from agave, tequila contains iron, potassium, vitamin A, B, C, and E, enriching the skin with necessary nutrients. It is also rich in antioxidants that can work wonders for skin losing elasticity by inducing a tightening effect. 

The 80 minutes long treatment is a two-step regimen starting with exfoliation. The spa uses a unique combination of effervescent sea salts, essential oils, and Don Julio reposado tequila to prepare the skin for the nourishing massage ahead. 

Next, you experience a therapeutic massage ritual that combines three powerful techniques Swedish, deep tissue, and lymphatic. The massage is performed using a special oil known as tequila oil that brims with linoleum acids. This ingredient will leave the skin deeply hydrated and nourished. The oil can also improve blood circulation to promote healing. 

Jamaica Mocha/ Rum Wrap 

Jamaican rum holds a special position for its incredible flavors and enticing aroma. The Rockhouse cliffside resort leverages this delicious drink to give you an unforgettable spa experience. The rum wrap treatment uses a plethora of nourishing ingredients for the skin like hemp, cocoa, honey, mango, shea butter, patchouli, orange, cinnamon, and rum.

The wrapped mixture creates warmth that allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin and stimulate the cells. It effectively hydrates and moisturizes the skin while also inducing a tightening effect. The 90-minute wrap session will leave the skin soft, nourished, and gorgeously glowing. 

You can enjoy the fantastic smell and properties of the wrap in one of the three locations within the resort – at the spa pavilion, a spa cabana on the edge of the cliff, or at the bathhouse.  Imagine soaking in the enchanting natural features of Jamaica while treating your skin to some healthy ingredients? Truly mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Colorado Hops Treatments & Massages

Walk into a hops-themed spa in Denver after an adventurous day, and you get to sit back and enjoy a stress-shattering foot pedicure. The treatment begins with hops and honey-infused soak, followed by an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells. The hydrating caramel leg and foot mask from the next step focuses on nourishing the skin to restore a soft and supple texture. 

The final part of the treatment involves a relaxing massage using whipped milk and honey-infused cream to leave your skin baby soft. Don’t forget to sip on some of the finest selections from the local brewery, Great Divide Brewing Co., to complete your day. 

You can also opt to experience another extraordinary beer-infused spa experience under the Mile High Malt Scrub & Massage pack. Apart from the drool-worthy chilled beer offered during the treatment, there are many exciting steps to enjoy. The rice Ale and malt scrub help to remove dead cells, while the dark stout wrap is the ultimate hydration solution for the skin. Don’t forget the soothing Yeti beer foam massage that will blow your mind. 

Texas Champagne Facial 

If you are hoping to splurge on some luxury spa experience, then the Champagne facial offered in Austin is the best choice. The treatment will leave your face looking radiant and flawless with the goodness of champagne oil and grape flavonoids. The phenols and flavonoids help to remove dead skin cells and slowly moisturize the skin to add glow.  The compounds also act on scars, especially sunspots, and fade away. 

This special facial treatment will boost skin health while leaving your skin doused in delicious, bubbly champagne. 


These incredible spa treatments give an edgy twist to your idea of boozy vacations. A little pampering with quality liquor can go a long way into making your skin and heart glow in peace and bliss. Don’t forget to try these specialty spas on your next vacation.