London, England / Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 24th August 2020. Barry Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Dröm UK and Sara Jones, Founder of AraSpa Consulting and Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe met for lunch in Singapore Oct 2019, before the Global Wellness Summit and an idea was born. “I love using vibrational frequency during meditation, while working, and combining them with spa experiences as I’ve done in my consulting projects in Mexico.” said Jones “I knew incorporating this additional dimension within a hydrothermal facility would create an exceptional experience, especially when coupled with light and aroma, and who better to partner with than Dröm UK, an innovator in the hydrothermal industry known for service and quality.”

The SoundSauna / SoundSteam incorporates vibrational frequency sound healing; combined with the hydrothermal elements of sauna and steam, in addition to chromotherapy and aromatherapy this creates an elevated wellness experience bringing together heat, humidity, sound, light and aroma like never before. “At Dröm UK, we strive to craft uniquely tailored, high-quality equipment allowing our spa and wellness industry partners to offer the very best cutting-edge experiences to their guests.” said Smith, “I enjoy collaborating with industry leaders and bringing new ideas to life, I’m excited to work alongside Sara Jones, who I find to be incredibly creative and one of the most passionate spa professionals I have ever met.”

Vibrational Healing: Specific Solfeggio frequencies are combined with the corresponding chromotherapy and aromatherapy to create a holistic experience inside the SoundSauna and SoundSteam. Each frequency activates a certain chakra or energy center of the body, reinforced by the color and aroma introduced to the hydrothermal unit.

Aromatherapy: In partnership with Aromatherapy Associates, a list of blends suitable for each program has been compiled using pure essential oils or their signature bath and shower oils, which can be applied directly to the skin.

Chromotherapy: Corresponding chromotherapy colors illuminate the installation to further enhance the experience.

Versatility: In a private or boutique facility, each individual guest can customise and personalise their experience based on their desire or a spa therapist’s recommendation. When offering this experience in a larger or busier spa the SoundSauna or SoundSteam can be programmed to cycle through each of the programmed tracks with corresponding light and aroma every 20 minutes.

Additional Sound Options:
In addition to vibrational frequencies, instrumental sounds such as Gongs, Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls,
tuning forks and chimes can also be introduced to the hydrothermal experience along with any other musical track preferred
by the guest, for example, sounds of nature / forest sounds.


About AraSpa Consulting and Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe: AraSpa Consulting offers a full spectrum of consulting solutions for spa and wellness entities. Specializing in concept creation, design and development, AraSpa delivers luxury, functionality and innovation. Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine website and podcast serves the flourishing spa and wellness industry across Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America and is considered the most influential publication in the industry for this region.

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About Dröm UK: Dröm UK has evolved since its launch to become the leading bespoke sauna, steam room and spa manufacturers and designers they are today. They offer a unique combination of creativity, quality, project management and attention to detail that is difficult to find anywhere else, priding themselves on friendly, professional service.

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About Aromatherapy Associates: The original experts in wellbeing, Aromatherapy Associates harnesses the incredible powers of the finest essential oils, purest extracts and natural ingredients to include in their award-winning products. Created in their London-based laboratory, each of their unique and powerful essential oil blends have transformative effects, addressing your specific concerns and taking you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing.

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