I tried these buzzy skin-care supplements—here’s what happened

Check out this recent post from wellandgood.com about the experience of the author and jane iredale’s skin-boosting supplements!

Here is an excerpt: “As someone with particularly blemish-prone skin, breakouts are a rude reminder that despite my total obsession with wellness, my complexion is the one thing not reaping the benefits from my spinach salad with ACV dressing. Insert record scratch here.

Here’s the gist: I’ve dealt with pretty embarrassing acne since middle school, and though it tapered off a bit with age, I was still dealing with annoyingly lingering blemishes into my mid-20s.

After moving to New York and beginning my love affair with wellness, I tried eating solely organic foods, eliminating entire food groups, and switching to vegan skin-care products in the name of clearing up my skin—but nothing really made a difference. I would still consistently break out on my chin and cheeks, especially around my period.

Naturally, I’m always looking for the newest methods promising clearer skin and tinier pores, so when I heard about jane iredale‘s line of skin-boosting supplements I was intrigued (the before and after photoson their website are pretty stunning).

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