Sharon Krout

Sharon Krout

Project Manager of Spa Development / Sales at Bodyworkmall


Interesting things about you and the business you are in?

Company Name: BodyworkMall, Division of Steiner Management Services, LLC.


Title: Project Manager of Spa Development / Sales

Years in the Industry: 30

Please note the top 3 unique things people should know about your business.  Bodyworkmall can streamline purchasing for all of your spa and salon equipment, products and supplies at guaranteed lowest prices.
Bodyworkmall offers expert consultation on all of your equipment and installation needs.
Bodyworkmall offers concierge service throughout the entire purchasing process.

What do your clients tell you they love about your business and how you operate? Here are some of my LinkedIn postings from my customers~
1) Sharon is caring and does what she says she is going to do in a timely manner. She knows her product and how best to serve your needs. And, she has a good sense of humor!
2) Sharon Krout is a delight to work with. Having worked with her for years, she has never let me down. She has always provided the best solution for my clients. Whether it is an immediate need, or a project that is months/years away, Sharon has always delivered on time.
3) I highly recommend Sharon Krout for any Spa, Medical, Health or Fitness project that requires reliable, high grade USA manufactured treatment tables and accessories. Sharon’s warm personality and extensive product knowledge, combined with her ability to listen and understand exactly what the user needs are in relation to the equipment being purchased, make her a pleasure to do business with. I have personally worked closely with Sharon on projects in USA and internationally with tight deadlines, and she has consistently delivered on any promises made…shipping, delivery dates, extended warranties, custom orders.
4) Sharon is a dynamic woman with a natural warmth and charisma that I find people gravitate to. Sharon takes time to listen, research and offer her customers every option that is right for them and their business. She will not undersell or oversell you, but always ensure you have the best quality for the absolute lowest price and stands behind her product 100%. I have observed and interacted with Sharon at presentations, shows, trainings and in meetings and I must say that she is a true professional with the utmost integrity.
5) Sharon is a pleasure to work with in every sense. I appreciate her intimate knowledge of massage and spa, and have been the fortunate recipient of her wisdom derived from 20+ years experience in this field. It’s an honor to work with someone like Sharon, who embodies such a high degree of integrity, knowledge and great sense of humor!
6) Sharon is by far one of the most exceptional people to work with in the spa industry. I have had the pleasure of doing business with Sharon for many years now and her thorough approach and genuine concern for our clients has translated into a strong working relationship that I am very proud of! Sharon is a true powerhouse in the spa world and one of our greatest allies in this industry!

What trends do you see coming this year? I am noticing increased awareness of more people concerning their health and overall total wellness. More people genuinely understand the impact that stress, poor diet, lack of nutrition, smoking, etc. have on the human condition and their quality of life. Many are seeking new techniques and venues to deal with these challenges. Spa clients are looking for measurable and sustainable results as well as a meaningful life-extending experiences. Many Lifestyle Coaches are moving spa customers to wellness treatments such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki and Polarity. More spas are providing educational classes to promote mental, spiritual and physical well-being, along with the more traditional stress reduction modalities. There is an uptick in the use of therapeutic bodywork in water as more spas offer such therapies as Water Shiatsu, Veechi and Water Dance. As more modalities are offered, more clients will want to use the spa facilities as they expand into these emerging market segments.

If you are not working…what are you doing? I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and riding my motorcycles. I overheard my Grandson telling one of his friends~ “My Grandma rides a Harley…Yours knits” I found this hysterical!

Favorite vacation taken? This past Christmas…my husband and I decided rather than buy a bunch of Christmas gifts that are not needed… we would instead take our children and grandchildren to the Outer Banks this summer. We rented a house on the beach and we are all looking forward to our upcoming June vacation. I can not think of a better gift than to share time and make memories with those we love most.

Anything else you would like to share? I am very excited to be part of the Bodyworkmall team! I look forward to my new challenge. In my new role I am responsible for global Project Management of Spa Development and Sales. I will be focusing on developing partnerships with consultants, architects, hotels, schools, franchises and the leaders in the Spa and Wellness Industries. Do not hesitate reaching out to me if I can be of any assistance… It will be my pleasure to earn your business!!