Food relieves stress but can it also aid spa treatments? Let’s find out. 

woman ready for spa treatment

We bring you the “Farm to (treatment) table” spa trend that’s slowly catching up with the world. According to Navrajvir Singh, content contributor at F and B Stories and Surviving Spirits, here are six foods that are used in spa treatments.

1. Caviar

Sounds strange, but it’s true. Caviar is now being used in spa scrubs. Caviar mask helps you tone the skin and keep it firm. Of course, it can make your pocket feel lighter than you like but it definitely makes you look like a million dollars!

2. Honey and Milk

They’re relatively more popular than other food treatments. Honey is packed with antioxidants and has anti-microbial properties that help the skin lock in the moisture. Milk is used because of its hydrating properties. The application of milk to the skin makes it look healthier and lactic acid acts as a gentle cleanser. 

3. Avocados

If you want soft, glowing skin, avocado is the answer. When combined with ingredients like herbal oils and tea extracts, avocados make for fabulous spa materials. Typically, a mask of mashed avocados is prepared and applied to your body to hydrate your skin.

4. Beer, Wine and Whiskey

A little bit of alcohol is all that you need to loosen up and lift your spirits. An alcoholic spa treatment is no different. Popular scrubs include beer, red wine and whiskey. In fact, Vinotherapy (bathing in wine) can make your body feel rejuvenated. 

5. Chocolate

Rich on anti-oxidants that have anti-ageing properties, chocolates are great for spa treatments.

6. Coffee

Coffee not only helps you wake up in the morning but it can also help your body ‘wake up’. It makes for a great body exfoliator and improves circulation. Plus, the smell of freshly crushed coffee beans is known to be super relaxing. 

Wrap Up

It’s not easy to find food spa treatments because they’re still considered novelty treatments. We will (hopefully) see more hotels and spas adding these treatments and adapt to the emerging trend. 

Written by: Shristi Patni 

Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between. Feel free to connect with her via Linkedin or drop an email at