NANTUCKET, Mass., June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In January 2019, Green Spa Network (GSN) launched its first sustainability research survey to collect information from its members regarding their environmental efforts in their businesses. The response has been positive and since then, monthly surveys have been collected and have given GSN great insight into where its members are and how to best direct them on their sustainability journey.

Conducted surveys have been geared towards gaining knowledge to increase members’ ability to successfully transform their businesses into a socially and environmental responsible leaders in the wellness industry. A few of the findings show GSN that:

  • 84% of members say consumers are choosing brands because they are green
  • 28% of members have a sustainability officer or a green team
  • 57% of members say time is the biggest challenge to being green
  • 40% of members say lack of money is the biggest issue to being green

GSN’s member feedback has been instrumental in the organization’s direction moving forward and continued research will help gear its events and educational resources to better serve its members success in making a positive change for the planet.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing of-the-moment data on green or related topics to GSN members and the wellness community,” says Bonnie Baker, Board President.  “By creating a quarterly infographic and sharing with our members, the industry, and the press we hope to inform decisions on sustainability in real time,” adds Joanna Roche, Executive Director. 

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