So you thought you aced your last job interview? You seemed like a shoe in…you got positive feedback from the interviewer and all of the stars seemed aligned. But it’s been a few weeks now and your phone hasn’t rung… it’s obvious that at least for today you didn’t get the job. It can be hard navigating the playing field for new opportunities but if you are constantly getting rejection letters instead of job offers perhaps a closer look at what’s going wrong could be beneficial. Take a look at these three not so obvious reasons behind why you might not be getting hired and take heed to the reasons because they may be the barriers standing in the way between you and your next career opportunity.

#1 Jack of All Trades Master of None

Are you an esthetician, make-up artist, yoga instructor, and administrative assistant all at the same time? While there’s nothing wrong with wearing multiple hats your future employer may view you as a bit all over the place. It may come across as if you are juggling too many hats and that you are slightly over committed. This can be a red flag for many employers especially in terms of scheduling. While you may need to modify some of your responsibilities it’s important that when presenting yourself on your resume and in person you share the jobs and skill sects that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for. You may have to subtract some details from your resume from time to time to highlight your skills but avoid coming off like your hands are full and don’t have time for anything else remember you want to be viewed as directed and focused.

Not the Right Experience

Are you fresh out of school? Transitioning from a traditional spa into a medical spa? Lack of experience can prevent you from getting hired. Experience matters and most small businesses prefer hiring a candidate with some prior experience, it can reduce the amount of time spent on training and allows companies to capitalize on their human capital and generate profit faster. So it’s important to polish your skills early and often times before you need them. Compensate for experiences by doing short term residencies with practitioners that you look up to and that are respected in the industry. Start writing about advances within your industry and start building your portfolio with activities that build you credibility within the field.

Money, Money, Money, Money

Most of the time employers have three piles when they are hiring; No Way, Maybe and Yes. When it comes to money folks in the no pile generally have a specific salary or compensation amount in mind that most companies can’t afford when they share this in the interview they automatically go to the no pile. Folks in the maybe or yes pile share a salary range with potential employers. They tell employers that there salary is negotiable and are also prepared to discuss other perks if a potential employer can’t meet there specific salary requirements. Folks in the maybe and yes pile are master negotiators and compromisers.

Here’s Why You Didn’t Get Hired…Top 3 Mistakes You Made at you Last Interview – Guest Blog by Regina M. Tucker

Regina M. Tucker

Regina M. Tucker

Creative Director for BeautifullyYours Metro

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