Travelling is very useful for mental and physical Health. You are eating new food, walk a lot, go to new Spa’s. You are getting new experience, it boost your mental health too. As we know, mental and physical health are interconnected. In this article we will tell about ways how students and improve their health by travelling. Nowadays a lot of young people are dreaming about traveling around the world, some of them doing it before the study, another after graduation, but today we will talk about how to combine these important things in our life. With the advice below, you will have more opportunities to decide how you will save your time, money and bring more positive emotions in your life. Budget travels and study well at the same time can be real!

Volunteering Abroad or Do a Semester Abroad

Volunteering is an effective way of making the world a better place, gaining valuable skills and exploring diverse cultures. A majority of meaningful experiences happen while students volunteer abroad. It is a golden chance to interface more directly with the local people. Moreover, you get to go to places you would otherwise never 

Some of the volunteer activities you can engage in include:

  • International Volunteer HQ
  • GoEco
  • Frontier
  • Love Volunteers
  • GVI
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Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing refers to a social networking site dedicated to connecting like-minded travelers. It provides a platform where travelers meet and host each other. Travelling is enjoyable when in a group of other travel enthusiasts. Couchsurfers organize frequent travel activities in about 200,000 cities across the world. Learners should take advantage of these events to visit other parts of the world. Couchsurfing allows students to meet and make new friends with a similar interest in traveling.

Student Tour Agencies

Traveling can be challenging, especially when you do not have enough finances. Well, this is the case with most college students since they depend on their guardians for financial help. However, such should not prevent you from traveling because the student tour agencies ensure to give students the best travel deals. Therefore, all that you have to do is contact one of the agencies and allow them to plan a trip to your preferred destination. Such agencies facilitate students to travel in groups hence reducing the accommodation and transport costs. Therefore, they will offer you a deal that is within your travel budget.


Before you engage in any volunteer activity abroad, undertake extensive research to identify the costs involved and the length of the activity. A majority of the programs are short term and this may not give you the experience you want. In case you are on a tight travel budget, identify free and affordable programs. 

As a student, you might not have enough money to travel to college. Therefore, hitch-hiking will help you get to your preferred destination. It involves getting free lifts by passing vehicles and hence, can turn out to be a dangerous adventure. However, if you make it safe to your destination, you will have saved yourself the amount of money that you could have spent on transport. If you love traveling, then it is an adventure worth trying.

         The main idea is that you have a lot of different variants of how to study and travel at the same time. These days we have endless opportunities to find time while traveling for study and to make it even with a lack of money, all you need is a strong desire, determination, and knowledge that you can get from this article. We sharing with you just a couple of advice on how to make the dream become reality. It is not a full list, if that is not enough we are sure you can come up with more even better ideas, just turn on your creativity and you will surprise how strong your mind can be. Believe in yourself, travel and enjoy.

Author of the Article:

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