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If you’re running a spa, you’re likely to be selling body care products as a side-line. That makes sense. But unless you’re prepared to put some time and effort into improving the retail side of your business, that’s what it will remain: a side-line.

Simply displaying a few products and hoping people will buy them is no guarantee of success. Retail is becoming increasingly competitive, which means claiming your slice of the cake is getting harder. In sites such as spas, where customers may have already paid for a service, it can be harder still to coax them into buying something extra.

The good news is, if you want to improve your retail sales and boost profits, there are several things you can do.

Decide on a strategy
It’s hard to achieve your goals if you’re not sure what you’re aiming for. Setting clear targets for your business and the staff who help you run it can make a huge difference. Consider the optimum level of sales you think you can achieve, then sit down with your team and set this as your objective. Make it clear that if the business thrives, everybody benefits. Working together towards a common goal can be a great motivator.

Know your products

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Another way to improve sales skills is to make sure everyone knows what they’re selling. Promoting a product is pointless if a simple question from a customer about its benefits leaves you stumped. This strategy works best when applied to the whole team. So, make sure that everybody knows at least a little bit about all the products you have on sale.

Reward success
Whilst working as a team is important, we all enjoy individual recognition for our efforts. Rewards like bonuses, prizes and even certificates of achievement can help make your staff more motivated and determined. Avoid demoralizing the lower performers by offering rewards for improvement as well as for the highest number of sales.

Display your wares
A lot of research has gone into displaying products, and it turns out to be hugely important. We like to pick things up and read the label before we buy them, so avoid displaying items where they are out of reach. Make your displays noticeable, attractive, and accessible. If you have a reception or waiting area, keep testers where clients can try them.

Consider some training

Not everyone is born to sell. Your team may be highly qualified in services related to spas, though less so when it comes to face to face retail. But you may not have to invest in tuition for all. Try and identify those less comfortable in a sales situation, then do some internet research on suitable training courses nearby. If you’re going to ask your staff to achieve sales targets, you’ll need to ensure they’re equipped with the right tools.

Reward your customers
If you already have a loyalty scheme for the services you provide, extend it to cover purchased products as well. Take note of what your regular clients prefer. If they love a bargain, offer discounts, gifts, or other rewards to encourage a sale, or bundle items together. If their tastes are a little more exclusive, you could offer them quality artisan products made locally. To get to know them even better, ask your clients to fill in a survey with questions on the kind of products they’d like to see at the spa.

Promote your retail offering
Any retailer will tell you that marketing and promotion are an essential element of sales. The internet – and social media in particular – provides the perfect platform from which to shout about your products. Photograph them, post them, and enthuse about them. It’s been proven time and again to work. Have some stylish flyers printed listing the items you sell and encourage clients to pick them up. Write a blog for your website about the amazing beauty and wellness products you have on offer. New customers could become regular clients.

There are lots of different ways to improve retail sales in spas, but the best results may well involve a combination of them all. Make sure you know about the products you’re selling, but more importantly, make sure your clients know about them, too. A little time and effort will reap generous rewards.

Author Bio:

Ciarán Hourican is a professional Workplace Mentor and Coach at H-Training. H-Training offers many services for all sizes companies, ranging from sales training to leadership programmes and work with individuals who need help with interview coaching or career guidance