If you’re a business owner in today’s far-from-perfect economy, you may notice that an increasing number of clients choose to cut the cord with your services in order to cut every ounce of fat out of their budgets. As a result, most businesses face steep competition, since the customers can easily flock to some other SPA that provides the same services for a fraction of the price.

It takes some work to maintain solid relationships with your customers and keep a high retention rate. If regular clients aren’t a big focus of your business, keep reading. We’ve curated some tips and tricks for your spa to stay afloat and thrive.

#1. Build a customer loyalty program

Loyalty is not a one-way road. To get it, you’ve got to give it. And reward programs help businesses win over customers’ devotion and keep clients engaged. Also, loyalty programs play a huge role in how likely customers are to linger. 

At the end of the loyalty life cycle, SPA owners may find that regular customers become business builders by spending more and paying premium prices. So whether it’s a simple punch card or a points system, reward programs allow you to provide a personalized experience that builds an actual relationship with your brand.

#2. Create the perfect SPA ambience

Hiding from the humdrum, your patrons come to a SPA to invigorate and restore their vital forces. They want to be instantly whisked to a Zen-like atmosphere. Whether it’s the subtle lights, a fresh cut bouquet of lavender, or the unwinding aroma of the diffusers that fill the mind, body, and spirit, the rhythm should be tranquil and serene. It’s the fine details in a spa that really give an unforgettable SPA experience.

#3. Share Enticing Content

Most B2C businesses, including spas, are leveraging content marketing today since consumers love social-savvy brands. If you want to have a strong online presence, your content strategy won’t be complete without guest posts.

Although it’s challenging to surface your blog to the first page, you can submit your articles to relevant fitness blogs like https://www.linksmanagement.com/fitness-blogs/ even without a serious SEO background.

#4. Attract new clients

Client retention is as important as enticing brand new customers to your salon. Now think about each time you coveted something because it was on sale. That’s right – most of us cannot resist the idea of saving money.

And even if you have the self-control to turn down a special offer, you can’t deny that it still sparked your interest. Whether it’s a first-visit special offer or an online contest, make use of SPA promotion ideas to acquire new clients.

#5. Host events

For lots of businesses, it’s fun and profitable to switch things up every now and then to get more traffic through the doors. So why not use event marketing as an exciting yet constructive way to branch out? Events help you reconnect with clients who have fallen out of sight and meet people who could be a good fit for your business.

You can start by raising money for a local charity or hosting a makeover party or a wine tasting event. Raffles and giveaways are also fun events to make the experience even more social.

#6. Personalize email communication

As much as 72% of consumers will only engage with marketing messages if they’re well-suited to their needs. This makes generic email marketing the last-week news for successful businesses. You have to gain an understanding of your customers, their likes, pain points, and pet peeves, and then leverage this information to offer a tailor-made experience for them.

The Bottom Line

Encouraging regular clients revisit your SPA to enjoy your esthetician services is an uphill struggle. The tips for client retention are endless, but the aforementioned tips are prime places to start. We highly recommend evaluating these points to see where you might find gaps and then work from here.

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