Are you feeling anxious, sad, or simply overwhelmed? Trust us when we tell you that you aren’t the only one rocking the boat. As human beings, our minds and bodies are wired to constantly process information, thoughts, emotions, and food and drink, even when we are sleeping. The feeling of being overwhelmed is not surprising at all, considering the amount of information we are constantly processing. The pandemic has only added to our anxiety and stress. Whenever you feel like you need to take a break, it is time for positivity, self-love, and relaxation.

You might be working from home and might be thinking that you are not as stressed as you feel. However, the truth is that despite remote working, we need time to relax, let go of things, detox, and take out some time each day to focus on ourselves. Here are a few essential tips on relaxing at home while you cannot visit the local spa due to social distancing and safety issues.

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Take a Break From Technology

With the ongoing pandemic, we have gotten glued to our screens more than before. It is time to take some break from technology and get indulged in digital detox. Trust us when we tell you that a short time away from technology can be a very different and refreshing experience. If this sounds very challenging to you, we recommend that you start with taking smaller steps before moving on to bigger milestones.

For instance, you can go on your evening walk while leaving your smartphone at home. With summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time to do yoga. You can find a quiet place in your backyard or a deserted spot inside your home. You could also go for a quick run in the park and leave your phone at home. How about going airplane mode on your weekdays by taking a low-key break from your television and tech-gadgets as well.

Make the best of the solitude and practice positive self-talk. You could also take the time and do things that you always wanted to do but never had the time due to being glued to technology and the internet at all times. Practice stretching, bake that cake, paint the picture, or simply take a long relaxing bath while focusing on positivity and gratitude while you are soaked in the warm water.

View Your Body as a Temple

Taking care of your body and mind is a process that demands you to change your habit and stick to them with discipline. Having the right mindset is not enough until you don’t strive for it and make the changes to live better and improve your mental and emotional health. When we talk about taking care of your body, it requires more than just eating and drinking healthy. Did you know that our tongues are coated with something also known as metabolic debris? You can purchase a good tongue scraper from anywhere and detox your tongue besides detoxing your body. A tongue clean sets the basics for body detoxification.

Apart from taking cold or hot showers, you could also incorporate dry brushing, which happens to be an inexpensive alternative to feel fresh. You don’t require expensive equipment, as a regular body brush is all that it takes. Instead of using the body brush during showering, use it while you are dry before taking a bath or shower as usual. Don’t forget to apply a body lotion or moisturize your skin with your favorite body yogurt afterward.

When detoxing your body from dangerous toxins, make sure to consume loads of water and stay well hydrated. You can sip warm ginger tea with added lemon juice throughout the day for cleansing your body in cold weather. Excessive coffee is bad for health, as are alcohol and tobacco. That said, you might want to switch to green tea as an alternative on your detox day. By consuming alkaline water, you can also assist your body with getting rid of the accumulated toxins.

Most importantly, keep your thoughts clean and pure during your detox period by letting go of unnecessary thoughts that you have been carrying with you from the past. Start your day with gratitude and end it with writing a journal to give yourself a daily outlet for emotions, feelings, and thoughts.