Being in the spa industry means fighting every day for your piece of the market. This is because the competition is strong and you have to find a way to stand out. That means that every segment of your business strategy has to be spot on. You need to provide the best service, have unique branding, boost your online presence and take care of all the small details. That includes making your website effective and welcoming.

One of the most important pages on your website is your About Us page. Potential customers will check this page to get to know you a bit better, see who you are and what’s your story. This page should help them decide to book a treatment and become a customer. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide to help you write the ultimate About Us page for your spa that will keep the customers coming.

Let’s break it down, step by step.

  1. Greet Your Customers

You want all your customers to feel welcome and appreciated, even before they step foot in your spa. This is why your About Us page should open up with a warm welcome.

You can address your website visitors as you like:

  • Welcome, spa & wellness lovers!
  • Welcome, dear friends!
  • Welcome to Serenity Spa, your favorite relaxation spot.
  • Welcome, member of the Bliss Spa family.

Give your customers a welcome greeting to start working on developing a bond with them from the start. 

  1. Tell Them What You Do

There are all kinds of spas and different types of treatments you could be offering at yours. It’s best to briefly describe what is it that you specialize in and what they can expect from your spa.

So, tell them whether you do:

  • body treatments
  • massages
  • medical aesthetics
  • skincare
  • holistic & alternative spa
  • destination spa
  • etc.

Make this the core part of your introductory paragraph. Keep it short and clear. Here’s an example:

  • Here at Bella Spa, we provide medical aesthetics and relaxation spa treatments to all of you in need of self-care, pampering, and health improvement.

This way, your website visitors will instantly know whether they should keep reading or not. Providing important information at the beginning of your About Us page will keep your visitors inspired to continue reading and hear what you’ve got to say.

  1. Tell Your Spa Story

You want to make your spa unique and memorable. If these potential customers keep reading other websites to explore other spas, you want your story to stand out and make sure they don’t forget you.

So, say something about:

  • your spa history
  • who’s the founder
  • why they started doing it
  • an anecdote from the past
  • how you started out, and when
  • your tradition

Tell a story about your beginnings and how you got from there to where you are today. Don’t be afraid to mention names, specific people, or events that inspired the creation of your spa.

  1. State Your Philosophy

For people coming to your spa, it’s important that they know what your philosophy is and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Write a brief paragraph about:

  • how you see your spa- as a sanctuary, a place where people heal, relax, find peace, or something else
  • what type of techniques and treatments do you prefer, and why
  •  how do you treat your clients

Try explaining to your potential customers how you’ll make them feel and why they should definitely visit your spa.

  1. What Makes You Unique

Keep in mind that you’re trying to stand out as a spa that is unique, special, and worthy of their attention. So, tell them what makes you so special?

Write a paragraph that explains the specific characteristics of your spa that make it different from the other. It could be all kinds of things:

  • your spa staff is highly educated
  • you only use natural cosmetics
  • you care for the environment
  • you offer special prices and discounts
  • you offer group discounts
  • etc.

You want to intrigue and interest the customer so that they feel like you truly are something else.

  1. Introduce Your Staff

Your About Us page should definitely give potential customers a full insight into the type of treatment they’ll receive. However, they should also learn about the people who make your spa what it is.

So, introduce members of your staff:

  • share photos of the in your spa
  • write their names, specialty, and experience
  • include a message from every staff member inviting them to pay you a visit

This will personalize your spa even more and make potential customers feel like they already know you well. This sense of familiarity and closeness will inspire them to book a treatment and start enjoying all the benefits they’ve read about on your website.

  1. Write Professionally

When you’re writing your About Us page, you have to be careful that you respect all the technical aspects of good writing. That means you need to edit and proofread your About us page, and remove things such as:

  • typos and spelling mistakes
  • grammar mistakes
  • punctuation mistakes

Final Thoughts

The About Us page on your spa website needs to tell a story that your customers will fall in love with. This story needs to show you, your staff, and your spa in the best possible light, and help website visitors start feeling the atmosphere that your spa is offering them.

Use the tips we’ve listed above to write a killer About Us page and stand out from the rest of your competitors, trying to win over the same people. 

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Kristin Savage is a freelance writer and blogger at Her main target audiences are college students and young professionals. She covers topics related to college life, academic success, and starting a career. She always provides her readers with actionable tips they can easily apply to solve their dilemmas and problems.