Before traveling to Seoul, South Korea, last month, K-pop stars fully hyped up facials available there for me. Tiffany Young once told me she used to visit her dermatologist once a week for a treatment. During a short video interview with SF9, members also repeatedly told me they swear by Korean facials. Needless to say, I knew getting a facial would be one of the first things I did once I landed in South Korea. During my one-week stay, I ended up getting four, in total. (Disclaimer: Dermatologists recommend only getting one facial a month, but when in Seoul, as they say.)

Of course, innovative facials of the acupuncturecryotherapygemstone, and Hydra varieties exist in America. You can also get treatments with unexpected ingredients, like saltweed, and champagne. But most take place in a spa and the overall experience is basically the same: you tuck yourself into a special bed while an aesthetician goes to town on your face.

In Seoul, facials go beyond the confines of day spas and holistic centers. I ended up at a public bathhouse, a “life center,” and a Korean traditional medicine spa. Although I spent a lot of time in dermatologists’ offices while in Seoul to learn more about acne treatments and injectable trends, I decided to forgo the hyped-up medical facial because breakouts haven’t been my skin’s major concern lately. Keep scrolling to find out more about my week of facials in Seoul.

1. Full Body Experience

My formidable first moments in Seoul were spent as most in life are: naked. I got to the city late Saturday night, and at 10 a.m. the next morning, I made my way to Sparex, a jjimjilbang (or public bathhouse) located in a basement across the street from the Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

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