Sooner or later, poor diet choices will show as dull, broken out or wrinkled skin. Here are some ways to stop that from happening or to turn the damage around if it already has.

How Does Your Skin Look?

If your face is not looking as healthy, bright and unlined as it once did, try to figure out what your body is missing by checking your symptoms.

Consider an iodine overload if you have frequent acne breakouts. Since iodine can trigger acne, you might want to think about whether you eat too many iodine-rich foods like cranberries and shellfish.

On the other hand, high protein foods and products containing beta carotene can help prevent acne.

Your face needs vitamin C to produce collagen. Without enough collagen, your skin will sag and lose its smoothness. The best sources of vitamin C are citrus and dark green leafy vegetables.

Puffiness may mean your skin is inflamed. This could indicate a lack of essential fatty acids such as avocado.

Too much sugar shows up on the forehead as deep lines. This happens because sugar actually causes collagen to break down. So even if you’re eating enough vitamin C, you could be sabotaging the effects by eating too much sugar.

It turns out that how you eat is as important as what you eat. Even if you eat healthy food all day long, it won’t do you a lot of good if it isn’t absorbed by your body. Eat slowly, chew well and make sure you are getting all of the nutrients out of your food.

If slowly eating lots of fresh produce sounds like an impossibility to you, it is still possible to be healthy and have great skin by finding the right supplement. To find the one that’s right for you, do some research. Start by reading things like Thrive reviews online to find your perfect formula.

Is Dehydration the Culprit?

Think about what happens to a grape when it is detached from its stem and left in the sun. It becomes a raisin, of course. What is the major difference between a grape and a raisin? While a grape is plump and smooth, a raisin is extremely wrinkled.

It may not happen that dramatically with human skin, but if your organs are not getting enough water to function properly, they are going to steal it from anywhere they can, including your face.

Two major sources of dehydration are caffeine and alcohol. In the morning, most people reach for a cup of either coffee or tea. Even though both of these beverages are liquid, they don’t supply much water.

The reason for this is that caffeine is a diuretic. This means that it flushes water out of your body. So not only are these beverages not providing water, they are also taking more away. A smarter idea is to drink a full glass of water before anything else in the morning and then continue to drink it throughout the day.

Since dehydration begins before you feel thirsty, you should steadily supply your body with the water it needs. There are new smart water bottles that encourage you to drink more. Choose one that you think will inspire you if you aren’t currently reaching your water quota.

The second biggest dehydration culprit is alcohol. After a night of drinking you should take in as much water as you can before bed. Not only will it improve, or maybe eliminate, a hangover, but it will also keep your face from aging.

By making a few sensible changes, you should see a huge improvement in your skin.

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