Managing productivity growth for beauty salons is as important as increasing revenue or attracting visitors. The concept of productivity growth refers to the focus on seeking new options to improve what is already there. This focus is based on the belief that there is an ongoing opportunity to improve staff performance.

What Factors Influence Changes in Productivity in a Beauty Salon

External factors of productivity improvement for beauty salons: 

  1. Natural – working in difficult conditions (heat/cold, humidity, etc.) causes a decrease in productivity. 
  2. Political. The political situation influences the formation of capital as well as the level of solvency of the population. That affects the indicators of labor productivity in a negative way. 

Internal factors affecting the decrease or increase of labor productivity of beauty salon workers: 

  1. introduction of new types of equipment; 
  2. changes in the volume of work; 
  3. reorganization of salon operations and management processes; 
  4. introduction of new systems of stimulation and organization of labor activity.

How to Estimate Labor Productivity of Beauty Business 

The main estimated indicators of increasing labor productivity for beauty salons: 

  1. productivity; 
  2. labor intensity.

These indicators are interdependent with each other since they have a great influence on the overall result. In general, labor productivity is the ratio of the costs of the services or procedures provided. Only those indicators that are used in a particular case act as a ratio:

  1. the total cost of the service
  2. used products, taking into account their sales value in other salons
  3. involved labor of the staff of the beauty salon without consumables and cosmetics

Labor input has a direct impact on labor productivity, the higher it is, the lower productivity is. An increase in labor productivity at the expense of the introduction of the new equipment only influences the reduction of labor intensity. It can occur at the expense of reduction of losses of working hours or increase of labor intensity. As a consequence, there are advantages such as:

  1. interdependence of the total amount of work done on labor costs
  2. lack of dependence between the amount of supplied consumables and the organizational process of the beauty salon
  3. matching costs for similar services in this salon
  4. the ability to determine performance and reserves to increase it

In practice, there are three ways to determine the level of labor productivity. 

  1. The cost method – the ratio of the amount of work in monetary terms. With the help of the cost method, it is possible to compare labor productivity with the work of different specialists in the provision of various services. The disadvantage of this method is its dependence on market fluctuations and inflationary processes.  
  2. The natural method of measurement is used to evaluate services of the same type. According to this method, the assessment occurs by natural indicators – the number of visitors, the amount of money spent, and so on. According to such indicators, it is possible to analyze the productivity increase of the personnel, which carries out one type of service. It is impossible to compare indicators of employees with different specializations. 
  3. The conditional-natural method is a subset of the previous (natural) method. The evaluation is made in conditional units of performed procedures of the same type.

5 Ways to Increase Labor Productivity For a Beauty Salon

  1. Strengthening the material and technical base has a significant impact on improving the quality and productivity of beauty salons. For the most part, it concerns the automation of some processes, including recording visitors, sending reminders of an upcoming visit.  The latest salon business management systems contribute to the automation of some processes and to the growth of productivity administrators (sales scripts, scripts talking to difficult visitors).
  1. Reducing non-productive costs leads to a reduction in the cost of procedures. Determine the facts and conditions of unreasonable spending helps professional analysis of the institution as a whole and each master in particular. Here can be identified overstated timing of procedures, long intervals between visitors, and other factors. 
  1. A well-thought-out work schedule that includes setting tasks for employees and defining their job responsibilities. This will get rid of controversial issues on the distribution of duties and responsibilities, as well as reduce the time required to clarify the tasks of each employee. 
  1. The motivation of service personnel. In this matter, the most effective way is a well-thought-out system of bonuses for certain labor indicators (number of customers, the average bill, the amount of revenue, etc.) 
  1. Strengthening the trust of staff in the salon. An important step in this direction is the gradual involvement of the staff in the planning and solving of future problems of the beauty salon.

To obtain the maximum effect, it is necessary to combine different areas of increasing labor productivity for beauty salons.

H2: What Other Methods Are There to Increase The Productivity of Beauty Salon Workers?

1. Professional development of employees. The method implies the acquisition by specialists of modern knowledge and skills. These skills can be applied in the process of providing existing services. Besides, new knowledge will generate new ideas to improve the quality of management and the implementation of work processes. This forms the necessary conditions for increasing productivity for beauty salons, as well as improving the quality of services provided. 

2. You can conduct a competition for the title of “best employee of the month”. Contests are among the most powerful stimulating tools. They can be held in different categories (best hairstylist, administrator, massage therapist, etc.) or in the entire salon. The prize to the winner may be a cash prize or a certificate for free training courses.

3. Setting up feedback. There are two types of feedback – internal (which goes during the provision of services) and external (feedback from visitors). A more reliable option is internal feedback, as it occurs directly in the course of work. You can use the technique of setting goals without specifying how to achieve them or introduce quality checks. Also, employees have the opportunity to make adjustments to correct deficiencies right in the process. This will make it possible to avoid repeating mistakes. 

4. Respect for beauty salon employees. The concept of “respect for the individual” includes a focus on stimulating initiative, developing skills, creating conditions for the demonstration of creative abilities, encouragement of positive achievements. It is also important to guarantee the protection of the personal rights and freedoms of employees. The whole complex of such measures provides the increase of labor productivity at the enterprise due to the self-realization of employees.

How to Analyze Labor Productivity For a Beauty Salon

It is necessary to analyze labor productivity according to the following criteria:

1. Summarizing data: average hourly, average daily, average annual revenue per specialist, average annual production of expendable funds per employee.

2. Private indicators reflecting the time spent on performing a certain procedure.

3. Reflection of the time spent on the provision of a particular service.

4. Auxiliary indicators that give an understanding of how much time is needed for a particular procedure.

Improving the efficiency of labor productivity for beauty salons depends on factors that can be divided into two groups:

1. Extensive – efficiency of working time. 

2. Intensive – reduction of labor intensity through the use of the latest equipment and automation of various processes, as well as through the optimization of the salon.

How to Plan The Productivity Increase 

Planning methods that identify ways to improve productivity for beauty salons:

1. Direct counting method. It determines the decrease in the number of maintenance personnel after organizational measures. Also, you can calculate a possible subsequent increase in productivity. The planned number of employees is first determined, taking into account the possible reduction after the implementation of the planned processes.

2. Factorial method. You should determine the ways to increase labor productivity for beauty salons according to the strength of influence. For this purpose, you must evaluate the base number of employees, which can provide the maintenance of the productivity index in the base period. By comparing the labor required to deliver services, you estimate changes in the number of employees under the effect of each individual element. Then you must calculate the change in the base number, as well as the growth in productivity throughout the specified period.

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