Three of the most experienced wellness industry professionals, Maggy Dunphy, Diane Trieste and Liz Verbruggen, have collaborated to create The S.O.S. Spa Project. Inspiring this platform of complimentary services is a mission near and dear to their hearts – a desire to ease the burden for wellness businesses in their re-opening phase by providing support and guidance via targeted solutions.

The S.O.S. Spa Project is offering one-on-one support through calls or email for those without access to professional advice in an evolving landscape of health ordinances and consumer needs. The website ( and social media accounts will also be designed as a repository for helpful links and discussion on real time issues and experiences faced by businesses in operation.

Combining over 85 years of hands-on stewardship of spas and wellness centers in executive, resource and operator roles, Maggy, Diane and Liz felt compelled to support an industry that they love and helped build. Recognizing that the spa and wellness community was entering uncharted territory of mandated distancing while providing services requiring human touch and personal contact, they came together out of a shared passion to give back.

“We wanted to find a way to give back to an industry filled with people whose passion and purpose is to take care of others. Now more than ever, the world needs nurturing and we are committed to help sustain the industry that provides it.” Supporting. Our. Spas”.

Contact: Rianna Riego