Online therapy is making quite a splash in the world of counseling, and some people are still skeptical. Let’s think of it this way: perhaps you usually prefer going to the gym to work out. But if you lack the time, transportation, or affordability, you might consider doing an online workout class from the comfort of your living room. 

Does that decrease the quality of the workout you’ve done? Nope. You are still moving, sweating, and exercising the same muscles you normally would at a gym. 

We often make our physical health a priority without realizing the parallel with mental health. If you really want to get in shape, you might consider hiring a personal trainer, and no one would think twice. 

Likewise, if you want to better your mental health, you might consider working with a therapist, and with the ongoing normalization and growing popularity of counseling, no one should think twice about that either.  

A Common Misconception 

Let’s take this parallel one step further. If you have chronic back pain, you might turn to physical therapy as a solution for your struggle. But you likely know that physical therapy is not only reserved for those with chronic pain. For example, if you hurt your arm and needed rehabilitation for a couple of months, you would likely seek out guidance without assuming that your problem isn’t important enough to receive help. Even if you only attend physical therapy for a short time, you are closer to achieving the goal you want. 

So why might you assume that you should only attend therapy if you are chronically depressed or chronically anxious? While therapy is a step in the right direction for those experiencing a diagnosed mental illness, it is not reserved for solely those with chronic mental health conditions. 

If you are feeling depressed or feeling anxious, even just for a season, seeking the guidance of a mental health professional can help you feel more grounded and more aligned. 

Why Online Therapy Is Worth It

  • Availability: If you do not have the time or the energy to attend in-person therapy, even that is no longer an issue with online options. If you do not have a means of transportation, or you do not have the necessary child care or time away from work to carve out an in-person therapy session, online therapy can be a great solution. The increased availability of online counseling is quite revolutionary for the world of therapy.
  • Range: With the availability of text counseling, phone counseling, and video counseling, your range of options is wide. Likewise, most online therapy services offer a wide range of counselors to choose from who can meet your specific needs. 
  • Couples Counseling: If you are considering couples counseling, online therapy offers that service as well. Instead of trying to find mutual time in two schedules, you and your partner can take advantage of online therapy from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Safety: If you do not feel safe being in a public space quite yet, online counseling can be a great solution for those who are homebound or choosing to quarantine. During times of isolation, considering online therapy can be an even more important decision to increase your wellbeing and quality of life. 


With technology advancing quickly and more people working from home, the concept of online counseling is becoming increasingly normalized. If you have previously been skeptical of online therapy, perhaps you are now more open to considering the impact that online therapy can have. 

Taking care of mental health is just as important as physical health, and some health insurance companies may even cover a portion of the cost of your sessions. Checking with your insurance company or the therapy office can offer a range of affordable, accessible options for everyone.

Whether you wish to seek out individual therapy or couples counseling, consider reaching out to a professional for the proper guidance today.