When the Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa in the Grand Cayman opened this year, it was highly anticipated as a top hotel in the area. It stands out as a modern fixture against a seven-mile beach, and the hotel offers guests waterfront views, specialty villas, luxurious amenities, and traditional aquatic activities. These features are typical of most luxury beach getaways, but setting the Kimpton Seafire apart from its competitors is an incredible and unique in-room experience that puts guests into the ultimate relax mode with the tap of a button. And this same system helps the hotel run more smoothly, with added benefits for management.

When guests arrive, a bellhop directs guests to their room and gives them control of the room’s smart lights and thermostat with a complimentary tablet and simple control keypads throughout the room. These devices are also configured into pre-programmed scenes, which combine their functions for comfort and convenience: Welcome, Daylight, Relax or Good Night slowly dim or brighten multiple light fixtures to create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing afternoon, refreshing morning wake-up or to ease into sleep at the end of the day.

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