“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” – John C. Maxwell

To be intentional is to be focused, and to bring that focus into designing your medical space can transform and elevate your practice. Making the most of your medical facility is to turn your vision to reality in the most efficient way possible while maximizing your investment. 

With this, let us walk you through the 5 C’s that will help you build with more focus and purpose. Let us begin.

1.       Connect

Ever heard of the saying “No man is an island”? Getting the help you need from the right people is the first step into building a world-class medical space. Having professionals on board your project all working towards a shared goal takes a lot of careful consideration. Healthcare design requires a specialized set of skills, experience, and insight to create the desired results. The architect, medical interior designer, and contractors are just a few of what usually comprise the core of your team. Work with people you trust and whose reputation inspires confidence.  Ask for referrals from past clients and review their workmanship from previous work, it makes the decision who to hire easier. It will save yourself a lot of stress and worry knowing your project is in good, capable hands.

2.       Conceptualize

Conceptualizing your medical space is about YOUR WHY – your vision and mission for your practice. Speak that from your logo to your website, and then your interior design to create a cohesive message for your patients. Coming up with a cohesive concept is key to getting your vision across from thought, to paper, to the actual built space. Making sure that the design is aligned with the business objectives of your practice and the design intent that is consistent to your brand is key to building with intentionality. Don’t lose sight of YOUR vision. See it through the building process to create a space that you can be proud of.

3.       Cost

Understanding costs and expenses is essential for your facility’s success. Never let your spending go out of control. A good project will have a budget to work on and sticking to it is an exercise on responsibility aside from making good financial sense. Ask for a complete cost estimate from your team for absolutely every foreseeable expense and add a little bit more for contingencies. Effective budgeting is not about being frugal, it is about being decisive on what needs to be invested on, what makes more bang for your buck, and what truly matters for your practice. 

4.       Communicate

Construction is a process that involves so many people bearing so many different responsibilities. Conducting them like an orchestra ensures that these various personalities work together to make a beautiful symphony together. Communication is key and guaranteeing that the lines of notification, feedback, coordination are in place, so mistakes and missteps are averted.  Decisions, schedules, and revisions are items that need to be disseminated to everybody, so everything is in sync and no one gets left behind. You will be surprised how small, insignificant misunderstandings can create a snowball effect causing delays and unnecessary costs.  Harmonize the team and synchronize the work to build efficiently!

5.       Clarify

To bring everything together is to clarify the project and how it responds to the initial concepts you have set out for your project. Were you able to realize your concept? Were you able to stick to the budget? Has everyone in your team performed their duties to your satisfaction? Is the final Medical space aligned with your vision and works to efficiently enable you to do your mission?

To be intentional is to be purposeful and deliberate. It is to be completely sure, no second-guessing about your goals so you can fulfill the mission you’ve set out for yourself. The 5 C’s we have listed above are keys to building an intentional Medical space. It covers the process from building the team to the construction itself. It should set you up in the right mindset when starting this journey. And if you decide to start yours today, SIMOUR Design wishes you all the best on your journey for a focused and high-performing Medical space. 

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