What motivates you to get up and do your job every day? Is it the money you make, the prestige of owning, managing or working in a spa? Or is it something more like enjoying the type of work you do, knowing you make a difference in others’ lives, or feeling like you are a part of a business or industry that really matters?

Whatever your answer(s), the truth is that most people in the skin care or spa business are motivated by many things other than receiving a large paycheck. Even though we all need to earn a living and some people are driven by money, most professionals in the spa industry are fueled by other passions. Those of us who care for others though our vocation want the work we do to have meaning, purpose, and impact. We want to leave a mark on the world, our clients and our workplace. And we want to be happy while we do what we do, wherever we are doing it.

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