As we wrap up the month of Breast Cancer Awareness and all things pink I wanted to give some attention and recognition to another important cause. It is National Down Syndrome Awareness month.

My brother was born with Down Syndrome. We were poor but my brother made us rich and so blessed.He was a big fan of Star Trek,loved music and loved to watch Wheel of Fortune where he knew many of the answers. My brother was so smart,kind,funny and quite a charmer.

He was brutally bullied and made fun of every day of his life and right to his face.

I need to let you know that although these guys and gals may look a little different. they are awesome human beings! Just like you and me! For those of you who have not experienced being with someone who has Downs firsthand like I had on a daily basis. They are very bright,friendly and loving people.

I invite you to consider offering a job to these hard working (if you employ them)people. It really doesn’t matter no job is too small as they love to work and feel needed too. It does not have to be full time. Any mission will do. My twin worked in my company doing various jobs. I also employ a delightful young lady who just happens to have Downs.We met when her mother saw me on TV. Her mom booked an appointment for her to have a skin care and makeup lesson. It was meant to be that she work with me on a as needed basis. Since I opened my business we host events where girls who have Downs and some other disabilities come and we teach them the beauty basics and have a beauty party.The community/City loves what we do and others have reached out to have their daughters and grand daughters get glam with us too. All girls just wanna have fun! They go to parties and dances too.

It is tough to write this blog post as a few tears are streaming down my face.You see my brother unfortunately passed away. As the anniversary nears I can’t help but feel this loss. But the beautiful ending is… I was LUCKY enough and so honored to be his twin!

So, think about people in a different way…you’ll never find a more loyal,friendly and hard working individual.

Open your heart and doors. A little magic might just happen and your clients will notice too.

Educator/Makeup Artist/Skin Therapist/Author

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