GEMFLEUR Healing Remedies Address Everyday Concerns using Essential Oils Activated with Sacred Flower Essences and Gemstone Elixirs

San Francisco, Calif. (August 15, 2018)-Leading lifestyle brand Nectar Essences has announced expansion into the spa industry with GEMFLEUR, targeted aromatherapy remedies activated with sacred flower essences and gemstone elixirs. Co-founder and formulator Jenny Pao was inspired after witnessing huge demand for the products at the Green Spa Network Directors Buyer’s Conference. Nectar Essences follows ethical and sustainable practices. Essential oils are GC-MS tested for purity and all products are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates.

“I’m so happy we brought on the GEMFLEUR line. It’s just what we were needing. The line hits all the key elements you look for in a product. It’s beautifully packaged so it presents well in the retail space; the scents are lovely, and price point is perfect! The therapists also love it, because the in-room product presentation is easy with the beautiful amber bottles, and the back bar products are easy to identify with the colored labels.”  – Stephanie Decuir, Spa Director at Spa Brezza at Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa.

The line includes seven daily wellness remedies to inhale, rub onto pulse points, or add to the bath:

calm+ Gold gem elixir is the remedy for the modern world

de-stress+ Turquoise gem elixir represents strength and balance

decongest+ Black Tourmaline gem elixir amplifies trust and positivity

energy+ Diamond gem elixir amplifies joy and delight

focus+ Lapis Lazuli gem elixir activates the higher mind and enhances clarity and memory

immunity+ Fire Opal gem elixir enhances intuition

sleep+ Rainbow Moonstone elixir aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming

In addition to placement of GEMFLEUR Remedies in spa retail boutiques, Pao has developed back bar protocols integrating the products to enhance spa services. Beginning this Fall, Pao plans to personally host events with select spa partners across the country-educating spa directors on the power of aromatherapy activated with flower essences and gemstone infusions.

The spa industry feels like home to Pao, as Nectar Essences was born out of her holistic health practice. Clients kept asking to take home the products she was using in her treatments.

“I am so excited to bring my life’s work to the spa community. I have found my peeps!” says Pao. Spas are just beginning to embrace vibrational therapies such as gem essences, yet they have documented healing properties recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and the Vedic period in India. The spa is the perfect platform to bring these ancient healing modalities mainstream.”

About Nectar Essences

Nectar Essences was founded with the desire to share the highest quality natural remedies. Our proprietary formulations bridge together scientific research and traditional medicinal practices. The company has three primary lines: ‘breathe me’ for natural grocery and medical, ‘breathe pure’ diffuser line for home use, and GEMFLEUR targeted aromatherapy remedies for spas and resorts. GEMLEUR features a proprietary process infusing flower essences and gemstone elixirs into 100% pure essential oils. The synergistic combination addresses the physical, mental, and emotional components of overall well-being.


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