Spas Embrace Gold-Medal Winning Invention at 2017 Prestigious Concours Lépine: Endorsed by Tony Robbins and World-Class Athletes
Henderson, Nev. (August 3, 2017)-Luxury spas and resorts are embracing the revolutionary O2CHAIR‘s launch in the U.S. Developed in France by inventor Jean-Louis Portales, O2CHAIR was a Gold Medal winner at the 2017 Concours Lépine, France’s most prestigious competition for new inventions since 1901. The O2CHAIR is clinically-validated, FDA-registered and endorsed by world-class athletes. Benefits include a reduction in stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing energy and vitality. Inviting participants to take an active role in conscious, deep breathing, the benefits last long after the treatment.
O2CHAIR is a welcome addition to spa relaxation areas and a valuable tool for encouraging relaxation and mindfulness pre or post treatments, without the cost of a therapist.

“I’m excited about integrating the O2CHAIR into my spa’s mindfulness and stress management programs, both as a standalone service and pre-treatment. The ingenious technology allows spa guests to achieve a deep state of relaxation in a short amount of time,” says Terry Prager, Director of Spa & Wellness at The Estate Yountville, Villagio & Vintage House. “The O2CHAIR is ideal for our clients who are seeking relaxation in the spa, but don’t want to undress and get on a spa table. It is perfect for jet-lag, or guests who have over-indulged in wine tasting.”

An increase in breathing capacity and oxygen in the body has a host of positive effects. O2CHAIR’s specific movement up the spine encourages the “Breathe In” phase, while the “Breathe Out” phase encourages full release of the breath and discharge of toxins. The O2PURE function increases oxygen intake. The tilt and swing of the zero gravity chair improves blood circulation and promotes the “Relaxation Response,” an alpha brain wave state where the mind is confident and fully present. The sensation is said to be similar to the feeling of being ‘naturally high.’

O2Chair is endorsed by world class French athletes, as well as renowned author, entrepreneur and philanthropist Tony Robbins.

“O2CHAIR is a perfect way to support and promote optimal breathing. I love it, and I think you will too !,” raves Tony Robbins.

The benefits of the O2Chair have been clinically-validated by prominent Heart Coherence Specialist Dr David O’Hare. Preliminary studies conducted by the Aix – Marseille University Bio Mechanic Laboratory in January 2017 indicate that regular sessions with the O2CHAIR reduced heart rate and blood pressure, while increasing physical energy and athletic performance. By generating a better oxygen supply to the cells, results show an increase in blood circulation and the parasympathetic nervous system-the body’s natural stress-reducer. Eighty-nine percent of respondents reported a reduction in stress and feelings of wellbeing within a few minutes on the O2CHAIR. The top four words used to describe the experience were “relaxation, pleasure, calmness and restfulness.”

“Many of us don’t even realize how shallow we are breathing, until we take time to focus on breath. “O2CHAIR is an ideal ‘mindfulness hack” for stressed-out spa guests to get a jump start on their mediation practice, sleep better, temper a hangover or get a burst of creative inspiration. People feel better when they breathe better.” says Bob Reznick, CEO of O-4Life, exclusive North American distributor of the O2CHAIR.


O2CHAIR is a revolutionary technology that supports optimal breathing for multiple benefits, including reduced stress and increased vitality. The Gold-Medal Winning Invention at 2017 at Prestigious Concours Lépine, O2CHAIR is endorsed by Tony Robbins and world-class athletes. Clinically-validated, FDA-registered, and endorsed by world-class athletes, O2CHAIR is embraced by spas and resorts for mindfulness, stress management programs and workplace wellness. O2CHAIR is distributing in North America exclusively by O-4Life, in partnership with SpaEquip/Universal Companies.


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