(A good reminder for the business owners to be careful) – SIA note

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Massage oil residue on towels is the likely cause of a laundry room fire that resulted in the evacuation of two Queenstown bars and an apartment block.

The Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to an alarm activation at 1 Athol St, next to the Village Green, at 10.30pm on Saturday.

Firefighters wearing breathing kit found a smoke-filled room on the second floor of the building above Brazz Steakhouse & Bar.

They quickly extinguished a blaze involving a clothes dryer and heat pump in the laundry room of the Nadi Wellness Centre.

No-one was injured.

Business owner Sandi Murphy said it was ”such a shock to receive the call late at night and I’m just really grateful no-one was hurt and nothing happened beyond the small area”.

The yoga studio and wellness centre had a sophisticated fire alarm system, Ms Murphy said.

”The brigade was alerted and the situation was very quickly contained.”

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