Spas around the world are generating over $99 billion in revenue each year and, according to the Techavino report, this market is set to maintain a growth rate of 6% during the period 2019-2023. This means that the prospects for individual spa businesses to grow their own revenues are good. Conversely though it also means that the competition within the industry will increase. Adapting to major beauty industry trends is exactly what you need to keep your business profitable. In the upcoming year the most notable of those trends are likely to be natural beauty, technology, and personalization.

Keep Your Spa Business at the Top: Important Beauty Industry Trends for 2019

1.     Natural Beauty

The demand for natural beauty solutions seems to be growing all the time, with celebrities rocking no-makeup looks and publicly declaring how proud they are to do this. The spa industry is of course in an ideal position to provide them with the next step to natural beauty enhancement.

In 2019 the imperative will be to focus on offering treatments that benefit the complexion so well that no makeup will be necessary. You can complement those treatments by giving your customers advice on how to enhance their natural beauty further. Teach them what kind of beauty products they will need for their daily skincare as well as offering some more useful tips. By providing tips which people can put to use at home without paying more you are showing that you care, which itself boosts customer loyalty. This is one of the key elements of spa business success.

However, the ‘natural beauty’ trend is not only about looking good without makeup. It is also about using beauty products made from natural and/or organic ingredients, because people today are hesitant of using chemicals (Vox). Be sure to stock up on such products and incorporate this information into your marketing campaign for 2019.

2.     Technological Beauty

Technology is evolving so rapidly that things which were considered mere science fiction a decade ago are now reality. The beauty industry isn’t lagging behind in adopting technological advances for its progress. These solutions range from intelligent gadgets like smart mirrors to advanced systems like the Skintuition platform from Cambridge, for skin diagnostics

A spa that aspires to be at the top of its game in 2019 will need to invest in smart tech solutions. Note not only that you need to obtain various beauty treatment devices, but also that upgrading your business itself is also important. You need to aim for maximum efficiency on every level to stay connected with your customers.

3.     Personalization

Personalization is a leading trend in a number of industries, as consumers today want businesses to treat them as though they were special. Spas can respond positively to this by improving their customer service as well as developing customized products and service packages which are aligned to the customer’s needs.

Package deals are still good, especially if they come with a discount. On the other hand it may be an idea to provide your customers with an option to enjoy a bespoke pampering session developed specifically for them. If possible, creating personalized beauty products should feature in your plans as well.

You can combine personalization with tech using a variety of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) solutions. For example,  by using specialized software to let people see exactly how makeup will look on them with the help of an app.

Spa Business Outlook for 2019: Final Thoughts

Overall, 2019 should be a great year for spa businesses, especially those which are familiar with the most popular beauty trends. The highly personal nature of beauty services means that the customer-centric approach to your development works best. Therefore, be sure to analyze the reports from 2018 carefully and see what exactly your loyal customers love.

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