We have heard it and we know it: Retail can and must be an integral part of our revenue stream in any health and wellness business, yet somehow it always seems to be off target. We hear that providers don’t want to “sell”. We hear that customers can buy their products cheaper and easier online. So what do we really need to change?

The first thing I suggest is a deeper understanding of the consequences of not actively offering retail products. Withholding recommendations from a client that would help them get better results, is a real disservice to them. I am not aware of a single service that could not be improved by adding a good product into the treatment plan and it makes no sense that therapists are reluctant to recommend that option. Forget about selling. This is part of therapy. The right product can improve, sustain and expand the results achieved during the service significantly.

The second step is to actually find, chose and carry the products that expand the value of our services. You’re the expert. That should not pose a problem.

As a customer, I have the right to receive good recommendations that would allow for the best possible result. I come to you for that expertise. So keying providers into that mindset will help a lot. Updating the product assortment to reflect items that assist in solving the client’s problems is instrumental. And having the provider know what product to recommend and why is essential.

So where to start? Asking providers what they would recommend to their clients is an easy start. Knowing which problems you solve for your constituency is critical so that you can do everything to provide a solution.

Another very good option is to package services and products together. And yes, best to do multiple services, and leverage other resources, add products and wrap it all up into a program that delivers extraordinary good results for your client’s needs. But, even without programs you can start combining treatments and products into packages. That way the therapist does not need to worry about “selling” and maybe can be inspired to talk about the best use of the product?

Products can also be used to incentivize. I am adamant about not offering discounts. Never. Not even in the buy X – get one free category, or buy X – get Y% off scenario. What I suggest is to offer a bonus instead. Buy this series of services, or that package and receive $X.XX worth of professional skin care products. The perceived value of the product is the retail price – the cost only a fraction. You add value to your package, move product AND introduce the customer to great merchandise.

Nicolay H Kreidler

Nicolay H Kreidler

Lead ~ Grow ~ Thrive Consulting

Nicolay H Kreidler is an entrepreneur and strategic consultant in the health and wellness space who focuses on turning around distressed businesses and repositioning businesses for success. He can be reached at www.nicolaykreidler.com [email protected]

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