Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai unveils its new Soul Wellness & Spa, a holistic concept that balances mind, body and soul.

The space, formerly operated by Shine Spa, takes its cues from time-honoured Eastern wellness traditions, according to spa consultant Nikolina Jungic, who oversees the facility.

Jungic said: “Soul Wellness & Spa’s person-centred approach involves initiating conversations with the customers to gain a better understanding of their specific situations so that treatments can be tailored accordingly.”

“When clients arrive, we sit with them and discuss how they hope to benefit from the appointment, whether this is by focusing on a specific body area or simply ‘switching off’. We hope that all who visit will leave us feeling relaxed, refreshed and inspired.”

The venue’s decor is meant to soothe, with earthy elements mingling with the scent of Arabian sandalwood in the air. Offering holistic wellness with local relevance, and draped in flowing white curtains, the venue provides a feeling of peace. To boost the therapeutic effect, each treatment is followed by an optional complimentary 10-minute guided meditation experience designed to increase relaxation. This takes place in the spa’s relaxation area, which offers views of Dubai.

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