In a world filled with an overabundance of noise, many of us have become so numb to the sounds around us that we can effectively tune them out when we need to. We are able to conduct business, hold thoughtful conversations, and even read quietly with all sorts of noises blaring around us.  It’s as if we don’t even know the noise is there. Yet, in the rare times when we are in a place of complete silence, many of us feel a large and haunting void.  Removed from outside chatters, we seem to make our own noise. We listen to our inner thoughts, and for many, our shortfalls and anxieties. And, since being alone with ourselves may make up uncomfortable, we often choose to avoid the silence.

Spas provide a true sanctuary for this type of personal exploration. Those spas that value silence ensure that the opportunity to examine one’s thoughts play as important a role as a therapist or product.  Walking the maze of a labyrinth, relaxing on a comfortable chair overlooking a garden, resting in a lounge, or even relaxing during a spa service all provide opportunity for silence and reflection. Perhaps this is why spas are so transformative.

“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is still, when silence speaks loudest.”  Author Unknown

As spa professionals, we see our guests in a rawness they may not be used to.  We need to recognize that in these silent spaces our guests are gaining clarity in their lives. Perhaps quiet is the best value a spa can offer.

Kate Mearns

Kate Mearns

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