It feels like centuries ago, when we used to go out and enjoy the luxuries of spa and salons. Now, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now restricted to our homes, waiting for the biologists to come up with a solution to end this virus once and for all.

Well, restricting to home doesn’t mean ditching your beauty habits and self-care routines. While arranging a spa day at home might not be an imminent concern to tackle, it’s a known effective way to curb the stress-related anxiety and seek comfort from the one-day beauty treatment.

You may have the pleasure of calling up any online assignment writing service and say, write my assignment UK,” but you certainly don’t have any option to call up beauty salons to get a luxury beauty treatment at home.

This is because many salons are restricted to provide beauty treatments at least till the lockdown eases, and if someone is still offering you that service, then we are pretty sure, you won’t like to have a relaxing treatment at the risk of catching a virus, right?

But we have some good news for you! So what if you can’t go to a salon or spa, you can bring one at home! Believe us, there are some soothing perks to drawing a 30 minute bath with scented candles – that’s certainly something we all are longing to have during this coronavirus chaos!

With that being said, we don’t mean you to transform your bathroom into a decorated treatment center. All you have to do is to invest in some quality beauty products, for instance, a sheet mask, some muscle-tightening scrub and that’s it. Now, lay down on your comfortable couch and here you go, a perfect spa night is all set to send you to the realm of relaxation!

Before suggesting tips in our guide, we surveyed spa workers, owners, beauty experts and professionals working in the skincare industry to bring you the list of the best DIY spa tips to try at home.

Yes, you won’t have a luxurious massage you would probably get at a grand resort, but you can still put together all the minor luxuries and pamper yourself with a perfect spa night at home!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Set a perfect ambiance

Do you know the secret recipe for creating a perfect spa-like experience? It’s the ambiance! Create the mood for your spa night by putting on your favorite soothing playlist, getting yourself a perfect beverage (a glass of champagne, to be more specific!) and lighting up some refreshing scented candles. You can also decorate your spa-space with some soothing fairy lights, or with rose petals or any other flowers. It would be a perfect Instagram click if not anything! By setting up a relaxing ambiance, you can enjoy and experience the perfect night of skincare routine and dive deeper into the world of relaxation.

Get some warm towels

What’s the best thing when dining in a luxury hotel? It’s their warm towels, right? As a matter of fact, most spas usually have warm towels rather than the chilly ones. If you really want to experience a luxury spa-night, then warm up some towels before drawing yourself a bath.

Protip: throw some towels into the dryer, and wait for five minutes. Pull them out, and here you go – cozy, warm towels are here at your service!

Apply some refreshing beauty products

Before diving into the skincare treatment, start with some refreshing beauty products. Like applying a soothing conditioner or oiling your hair. This will help you to calm your senses and make your hair moisturized.

Exfoliate your whole body

After moisturizing your hair, it’s time to brush off some dead cells from the body. Get yourself a body brush or an exfoliating mitt to gently remove all the dead cells from head to toe. You can start from your toes all the way to your chest.

Brush your body smoothly in circular motion to get the most out of it. This skincare treatment helps to boost your blood flow while keeping all the dead cells at bay. After this treatment, your skin will turn out more radiant and glowy! Don’t forget to apply a thick moisturizer on the body after shower so that it can refurbish your natural moisture skin layer.

Cleanse up those pores

When someone mentions a perfect spa-night experience, then face masks are the only thing that comes to our mind! When you’re done with the shower, apply your favorite scrub and nourish your face with a perfect facemask. It’s better if you get a steamer before applying a facemask, as it will help to open your face pores. Opened pores allow the nutrients in the facemask to easily penetrate into the deeper skin layer to make your face more nourished.

How about some nail coloring?

After cleansing your body, treat yourself with some quick medi and pedicure. Begin the process by rubbing your feet using a pumice stone to remove all the dead skin cells. Then, apply a moisturizer and wrap your feet using warm towels to let the moisturizer ingest into your skin.

Let it stay for a few hours, while you repeat the same process to your hands. After removing the towel, apply vivid-colored nail polish. Here you go – shiny pedicured toes!

As soon as you ask an online assignment service to, do my assignment,” for all your pending assignments, you will then have plenty of time for yourself and to go with a little bit of pampering and skin care. When all the things are done, now it’s time to hit the sack! No beauty routine is completed without a quality nap and sleep! Just put on some comfy pajamas and hit the hay… have a happy spa night!