So you think the spa and wellness industry’s dead during the COVID-19 pandemic? Think again. As the economy started to open and spas and other wellness establishments resumed operation, there was a fear that people would be afraid of getting physical contact, which would affect the revenue of businesses. It turned out that the fear was unfounded. People are still willing to go to spas and wellness establishments.

Admittedly, the spa and wellness industry took a hit during the pandemic, with 80% of the establishments that belong to it had to close down temporarily during the lockdowns, a global survey has shown. The same poll also found that 35% of the businesses implemented a hiring freeze during the same period. However, things are starting to go back to normal now. People are starting to go back to the businesses that they avoided at the height of the pandemic. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for businesses within the spa and wellness industry to bounce back and do even better than before the pandemic struck.

Spa and Wellness Trends

To take advantage of the recovery period, you need to be aware of the various trends in the industry. We have listed here some of the trends that you should be mindful of in the wellness industry.

Immunity-Boosting Treatments

If there’s one thing that people realized because of the pandemic, it is the importance of having a strong immune system. As a result, clients are now interested in getting treatments aimed at boosting their immune systems. 

Some alternative wellness treatments that might help boost the immune system include massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, and any other treatment that promotes blood circulation. These treatments are not new at all, but you can definitely expect a renewed interest in them.

Low-Touch Treatments

Another important lesson learned by business owners because of the pandemic is that it’s important to diversify their revenue stream. Businesses in other industries learned to leverage the power of the internet, and they started selling their products online if they had not done so before, but that’s not really applicable to the wellness industry.

There are other ways of diversifying your revenue stream, and that includes offering services like low-touch treatments. These services include but are not limited to saunas, guided meditation, floatation, and LED therapies. 

Club Memberships

Club membership can be a great model for establishing a regular income for your business. This business model shows promise, and it’s ideal for spas and other businesses in the wellness industry. 

You can offer member-only access to your amenities and also give discounts or even free services to members. You can also provide members with products that they can use at home.

Spa Retreats

Many companies now have their staff working remotely. While many are starting to go back to back to working in the office, some will continue to have employees work from home. These companies recognize the importance of workers staying connected to each other. You can take advantage of that by offering spa retreats to companies. 

Spa retreats can be offered as packages. Of course, this is best if you have a large facility that can accommodate the employees of a large business.

Female Wellness

As women become more empowered, treatments that are solely focused on them will become more popular. For example, you can offer reproductive and fertility health to women clients. You can also offer post-menopausal treatments to your clients.

Social Media Works

There’s nothing against using social media for marketing purposes, and if you are not using it yet, then you should go ahead and do so now. Be sure that you have a robust social media presence. While there are a lot of platforms out there, and you don’t really need to be on all of them, it’s a must for you to maintain a presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Face Treatments

The widespread use of masks has heightened the interest in facial care and above-the-mask treatments. Groomed eyebrows, eyelash extensions, and peels are just some skin treatments that will continue to be popular.

These are just some of the trends that you should follow if you’re in the spa and wellness industry like Aspire Derm. You don’t need to join the bandwagon for all these trends. Instead, you need to pick the ones that would work for you.