Spa Revolutions (Inspired Sciences LLC, parent) Launches Comprehensive New Thermal Application Category Empowering Industry Professional’sVision, Creativity and Passion for Evermore Amazing Experiential Client Journeys.

[LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, July 12, 2019]  Introduced June 15-17, 2019 at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference (IECSC) in Las Vegas, thermaBliss self-heating and self-cooling tools effectively address the full spectrum of spa services with treatments for massage, facials and skincare, mani-pedi, hand and foot treatments, and thermal enhancements that surprise and delight clients. 

In an industry replete with credentialed and devoted professionals – yet lacking of late in major innovation – the advent of the Self-Heating & Self-Cooling Tools category is a breakthrough for beauty/wellness seekers and professionals alike.  Characteristics of the 2019 new category include long-lasting electricity-free thermal applications, on-demand heating and cooling, client-exclusive sanitary treatments, maximum portability, and an effort toward natural/sustainable materials.  Promo Video

From a professional perspective, therapists appreciate the benefits of award-winning ergonomic thermabliss tools (2019 Aesthetician Choice Awards) that help reduce repetitive stress injuries and extend careers with the ability to seamlessly weave heated and cooled modalities into any treatments.  Strategic business benefits include elevated levels of service, brand differentiation, increased client loyalty, and the ability to support more profitable pricing.  “Our therapists love the ThermaFusion Facial mask for its quick activation, heat longevity, moisture, and scent.  We are very thankful to have the new thermaBliss products”, says Amra Lear, Lead Trainer of Qua Baths & Spa inside Caesars Palace.

The Self-Heating & Self-Cooling category debuted in June with Telli Industries’ publication of


their 20th Anniversary 2019-2020 catalog and another major national distributor, Universal Companies, is set to highlight the new category in the coming weeks.  Greg Martelli, President of Telli Industries expressed his enthusiasm saying, “We are excited to introduce the dynamic new category for our valued partners!  thermaBliss products deliver amazing, on-demand heated and cooled solutions with unlimited upgrade opportunities, the highest quality ingredients, sanitation, and their natural mineral energy helps support our sustainability goals.”    

The thermaBliss® line consists of ThermaHerbal™ Poultice Massage, Lava Shells® and Glacial Shell® Massage, PerfectSense Paraffin® mitts and booties, Paraffin Anywhere™ brush-on, ThermaFusion™ Facial Mask, as well as soft and hard wax Depilatory Anywhere™ products. 

The power behind thermaBliss technology is its patented Lava Gel® natural mineral energy source that produces precise heat levels with elements of the earth…magnesium, iron, salt, and water.  For the first time professionals in our beautiful industry are afforded world-class, client-exclusive, sanitary thermal treatments lasting the full duration of desired services with untethered portability – free from expensive electrical appliances, cords, and/or batteries.

The positive healing power of heat stimulates multiple natural processes in the skin, affecting much more than meets the eye: 

  • Therapeutic heat levels increase localized circulation through vasodilation, in which heat relaxes muscles of the capillaries causing their dilation and increased flow of nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to promote health and healing from within.   
  • Simultaneously, proper heat levels stimulate the skin’s natural process of self-hydration to the stratum corneum, increasing active topical ingredient penetration up to 10 times over dry skin. 
  • thermaBliss’ breakthrough thermal technology further accelerates the molecular action of vital skincare ingredients to effectively power-up every product applied to the client’s skin for faster acting, more efficacious results.  
  • Finally, heated treatments relax sore, stiff muscles and help clients feel great!


“It’s a proud moment for us to contribute thermaBliss tools that liberate the imagination,

inspiration, and creativity of industry professionals globally, as they develop amazing protocols that WOW clients and make what they do more fun and effective than ever,” shares Glenn Hogle, President & CMO of Spa Revolutions. 

Since 2005, Spa Revolutions has been proudly situated at the intersection of award-winning innovation with naturally self-heating and self-cooling skin care, beauty and wellness products for professionals.  thermaBliss products with patented Lava Gel technology are distributed globally to over 4,000 high-end spas and salons and enhance virtually any massage, skin care, hand, foot, and body treatment.