JMPankey Partners has released a spa health calculator application for spas. This innovative benchmarking tool allows spas to calculate the health of their business. Our application uses best practices, key indicators and industry standards to assess a spa’s financial performance.

The application was developed in response to our spa clients’ need to understand the financials of their business. It allows for the calculation of multiple business scenarios without risk, i.e. before implementing them. The key areas of the application are Facility, Retail/Service and Overall Profitability.

Julie Pankey, JMPankey Partners Owner and Founder, states “The spa business can be unpredictable; our tool helps take the guesswork out of making certain business decisions. Mitigating risk is always a good thing.” The inspiration for the development of a financial tool was to help our existing clients, however we realized there was a need in the industry for this kind of tool, so we’ve gladly added it to our website for the benefit of any spa that would like to use it.

Stephanie Rest, Co-Founder at Caribbean Spa Association and Executive Spa Director at Regent Hotels & Resorts states “You go for your annual physical every year, why isn’t your spa? The Spa Checkup Application allows you to easily put in your spa information and gives you a grade on your performance compared to industry standards. It’s customizable in that you enter the size of your spa, hours of operation, service revenue, and retail revenue. To stay viable in our ever growing wellness industry, we must consistently set the bar higher and be evaluating our business. This a great tool to help you do that, plus its quick, easy, and efficient.”

You can learn more about the Spa Health Calculator at our website under Get a Spa Checkup at

For further information, please contact:

Julie Pankey, JMPankey Partners

Southern Maine Seacoast

Phone: 207.604.0712



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