A spa visit is one of the best ways to relieve stress after a week of work and get your body in order. In the movies, people usually have spa procedures with a glass of sparkling wine in their hands and a variety of snacks nearby. However, in some cases, drinking alcohol and eating specific food can be dangerous. In this article, we found out what you can eat and drink during and after the spa procedures.

At the spa, everything is aimed at helping you release muscle tension. If you are faced with the choice of eating before or after going to a beauty salon or fitness center, it is best to split your meal into two. 

It is not a good idea to overeat before a massage or a sauna, because your body needs to relax and rest during the session. If the stomach is busy with processing food at this time, you will likely feel discomfort during the massage, especially if you prefer the anti-cellulite option. That is why a lot of spas have their own bars with oxygen cocktails and light salads, which are quickly absorbed and do not leave a feeling of heaviness.

Alcohol and spa

First of all, alcohol has a detrimental effect on the heart and blood vessels. As you know, hot steam vapors in the bath rather strongly stimulate the work of the heart muscle, and without exception, all alcoholic beverages act on the vessels dilating. All this contributes to a significant increase in blood pressure. As a result, the heart is quite overloaded, distilling blood with high pressure. Any alcohol addiction hotline will say to you that after drinking alcohol during spa procedures, you may experience a very severe headache, as well as a bloody nose.

When alcoholic intoxication, a person can commit any unreasonable or thoughtless act, which may lead to a physical injury. If you want to have a glass of sparkling wine in a spa, you must remember that you will get drunk much faster.

What to eat and drink after the spa

The first 15-20 minutes after water procedures, it is better to refrain from eating and drink plain water or green tea. Swimming in the pool, hydromassage, and sauna remove toxins from the body and speed up metabolism, so if you immediately eat a steak, you will get no rest for your body. Most likely, immediately after such a “lunch,” you will feel that the lightness has disappeared.

To prevent it from happening, wait for at least 40 minutes after the spa and prepare a light salad with olive oil, shrimps or eggs, cherry tomatoes, and olives. 

Do not get carried away with salt and seasonings. If you want to add sourness, dress a salad with lemon juice or use balsamic vinegar instead of oil. You can replace the salad with the superfood you love the most. 

The body absorbs probiotics well in the evening, so fresh juices, smoothies, and vitamin complexes are best left for the morning. In the evening, choose yogurt, fermented milk, or farm milk. Just remember that you should not drink a lot of fluids after dinner to avoid swelling.

Why drink tea after a massage?

In every salon, you will always be offered a cup of tea. This is not only an element of the program, atmosphere, or attention to you but also a useful ritual.

Thanks to massage, blood circulation increases, toxins are removed from the body, and drainage occurs. Excess moisture also comes out when visiting a sauna. All these processes must be accompanied by fluid intake.

Tea will help not only relax completely and pleasantly complete the procedure but also speed up the metabolism and act as an antioxidant, making up for the loss of fluid.

That is why the salon administrators usually offer a cup of tea or a glass of water. And you do not deny yourself the pleasure.