With summer having ended it may be easy to think that allergy season is over. However, it is fall that is actually the worst season for allergy symptoms. This is thanks to the likes of Ragweed, which releases its pollen during the cooler nights fall nights. Approximately 75% of those individuals that have allergies Spring plants are allergic to Ragweed.

An allergy is an immune system disorder where the body overreacts by attacking harmless substances, when it comes into contact with things such as pollen or animal hair. This causes an inflammation, and it is this that causes the symptoms of the allergy.

Although this may sound scary, there are treatments available for these allergies. Whereas traditional treatments only work to mask the symptoms and come with many unwanted side effects, a natural supplement will, as well as reducing the inflammation, treat the actual cause of the allergy.

Some of the best natural allergy relief supplements that you can purchase online include:

·      Vitamin D – Medical studies show that using vitamin D has a large positive effect on the body’s immune system, particularly its ability to combat allergies.

·      Stinging nettle – This plant gets its name from the small spiky hairs that are on its stem and leaves. It has been proven that it is effective in combating the symptoms of allergies, as well as those of allergic arthritis, cluster headaches, migraines, and anaphylaxis.

·      Lemon essential oil – Out of all the essential oils, lemon is the best in combating allergies. This is because it works to not only boost immune function, it also supports drainage of the lymphatic system, and inhibits bacterial growth. It can also be used as a detoxifier to flush out toxins within the liver that are capable of causing inflammation.

·      Probiotics – These support the immune system, change the gut’s intestinal flora, and most importantly alter the cause of allergies. Clinical trials have shown that a probiotic supplement benefits children that suffer from asthma and other allergic airway disorders, as well as nasal allergies.

·      Quercetin – This bioflavonoid has anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is able to stunt histamine growth, which is responsible for triggering allergic reactions. Research suggests that it is able to block some substances that are involved in the process of developing allergies, thus reducing their symptoms.

·      Butterbur – This herb has anti inflammatory properties and has been demonstrated to relieve the symptoms of allergies. A recently medical study showed it to be just as effective as the laboratory manufactured anti histamine, Zyrtec. However, it lacks the side effects of feeling drowsy and sleepy.

·      Astragalus – This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for decades. It works to reduce inflammation and gives the immune system a boost. This makes it particularly good at treating chronic asthma. It also boasts anti fatigue properties and improves endurance, making ideal for use when feeling run down. It stops allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Other natural supplements to consider include peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, local honey, and CoQ10 supplements.

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