If you like going to the spa, you know that some of the offerings can get expensive. You want to get the benefits of the treatments without breaking your budget. Here are some ways to get some fantastic therapies on a budget. 

Focused Massage 

Most people think of getting a massage when going to the spa. Massage is proven to be highly beneficial for reducing stress. This treatment has also been shown to help persons suffering from adrenal fatigue. Most resorts offer a wide range of massages with different time durations. Typically these offerings are for full-body treatments. Many spas also offer focused massages that are less expensive than the full-body version. A concentrated massage will also likely be shorter in duration. 

One popular type of focused massage is a head and neck massage. You can usually get this type of massage for about half the price of the full-body version. A head and neck massage is excellent for relieving tension and stress in critical areas.  

A similar type of focused massage is a scalp massage. A scalp treatment focuses on pressure points in your head and works those points to achieve relaxation benefits. In addition, research has shown that various points in your head relate to other parts of your body. Activating these points can help with the function of other body areas. 

Most spas also offer a foot massage for less time and money than a whole-body treatment. A foot massage usually includes kneading of the calf and lower leg areas. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you probably have significant tension in these areas. A foot treatment will do a great job refreshing your tired legs and feet. 

Beauty School Services 

Most states require licensing for practitioners who give various spa services, such as facials and massages. You should look for the local training school in your area and find out if they provide services to clients. Most schools seek clients for their students to practice. These persons will be previously trained in the service and supervised by the instructor periodically throughout the treatment. The treatments are usually offered at significantly reduced rates as they are performed as part of the student’s training. 

Express Facial 

Many spas offer a wide variety of facial treatments. These treatments, like massages, are typically available in various time durations and with multiple different add-ons. Instead of getting a specialized 90-minute facial, you can book an express facial. An express facial will be a shorter treatment time. You may or may not be able to get an express version of some of the more complex treatment offerings. 


One of the most accessible spa treatments to get while on a budget is a pedicure. This treatment focuses on your feet and toenails. A pedicure includes an exfoliation of your feet to reveal smoother skin. Most services also include a foot and lower leg massage. You also get to choose the color for your toenails to be painted. The best part is you do not even have to go to a full-service spa to get a pedicure.  

Many nail shops offer great pedicures with prices that are much less than your local spa. You will not get the entire spa atmosphere or access to amenities such as a hot tub and steam room that you might get at a resort-style spa. However, many nail salon technicians have performed many pedicures and are experienced in doing a good job. 

Add-on Services 

Spas usually offer add-on services to treatments that you have purchased. Sometimes these are offered at special rates. If you are already investing the money in your spa treatment and want to get something that you would not pay separately for, an add-on can be a great option. 

Spa treatments are a great way to practice self-care, promote relaxation and further your well-being. You can find services that won’t cost a fortune.