Is worrying about aging giving you wrinkles? Well, worry no longer. There’s a new trend in beauty, and no, it’s not rubbing peanut butter on your face (although that’d be tasty). It’s SCIENCE! Science is advancing faster than you can say stem cells, telomeres, and glycan, and with this new science of beauty comes major advances in skin products and cosmetics.

The Super Star: Stem Cells

Stem cells are the stand out star of progressive skin care.  According to researchers, stem cells work from within and address more than just the wrinkles or the surface effects of aging. They have been known to increase energy, improve muscular strength, and help with hair loss. In other words, stem cells are a one-stop shop for all things youthful.

Suggested products: Capture Totale MultiPerfection by Christian Dior is a popular face cream said to add density to the skin and revitalize the facial contours. If you want to repair the damage you caused your skin from laying in the sun for hours at a time, check out the Absolute Precious Cells line by Lancôme. And fans of this product say you won’t need a snap-chat filter with SVR’s Anti-Aging Serum to make you look ageless.

The Chromosome Security Guard: Telomeres

Let’s say you owned a bank. Chances are, you’d ask a healthy, strong, young security guard to protect it rather than a 90 year old man. Telomeres are caps that act as our chromosome’s security guards. To keep them young and beefed up, researchers suggest eliminating chronic stress, exercising, eating well and getting sleep (easier said than done). Now the beauty industry is developing products to help protect telomeres and slow down their aging process – it’s like a sunscreen for your DNA.

Suggested products: Orlane Absolute Anti-Fatigue Sublimation Treatment is said to watch over the telomere and restores its energy to the skin. Extreme Regenerating Serum, Lierac Premium Anti-Aging promises to prevent the daily wear and tear of telomeres, and Bio-Sève Molecular protects the skin like a mama bear. Lastly, Prodigy Night by Helena Rubinstein is a prodigy itself, fighting off anything that threatens your chromosomes.

Your Cells’ Cell Phone: Glycan

Glycans are like your cell phone: a communication necessity. They are the sugars that get your cells to “talk” with each other. Without glycan, the skin doesn’t get the message to make collagen. No collagen causes your skin to deflate. SPOILER ALERT: that makes you look older. Lucky for you, there are beauty companies that have integrated Glycans into their products. Think of these skin treatments as the ‘Find my iPhone’ app of skincare.

Suggested products: NovExpert Anti-Age will get your cells talking and boosting that collagen. Regain your natural freshness and radiance.Pore Minimizer, Global Perfect from Sisley.

Cue Rod Stewart, because the new science of beauty will make you look and feel “Forever Young.”

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