1. Turn Travel Kits Into Try Me Kits

Travel sizes of your retail products make for perfect “try me samples.” As very few of us will be traveling anytime soon, this is good time to review your available inventory of smaller sizes and kits. Communicate with your key vendors regarding individual product samples which can be sanitized and distributed at the end of service. If ready made kits do not exist, consider bundling travel sizes or existing product samples into kits. There is a big benefit here to the guest. First, they have the opportunity to try a collection of products personally designed for them without having to buy before they try. This can also be a budget saver as a guest as well.

2. Gifting Product Unused in a Service

If you are moving to the dispensary model, where the products for a specific service are dispensed in individual units for that guest and that individual treatment, send any unused product home with the guest. I recall a customized massage I had where the personal blend of salt scrub I requested had about one more home use left in the container at the end of the treatment. My therapist shared it with me in a small plastic container (kind of like a take out salsa cup) and I was able to use the product again the next day. This was not only great guest service but made the massage even more memorable. Using disposable containers dispensed by your individual therapist for each individual treatment is a way to provide this added touch. There is a benefit for the spa in using the dispensary method of product planning.

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