Press Release

The Sustainable Spa Association has opened a first of its kind global survey.

The SSA had a successful and well received launch in August 2020.

The aim of the association is to make the path to sustainable business easy and accessible through bespoke education for spa members and overall awareness of environmental challenges and solutions for the wider spa community delivered through focused research, insights, initiatives and reporting.

The plan for 2020 is run two primary campaigns. 

The first being a Global Survey in October and the Second an ongoing Plastics Pledge, launching in November.

Sustainability is a is a rewarding, broad and indepth topic and is considered a science in itself.  Many industries are bringing this into sharp focus in ways that relate to their daily business practices, assessing their individual set of needs and finding the right solutions. Sustainability works best with good understanding, collaboration and communication.

The global survey has been designed to gain insights into current global spa behaviour, levels of knowledge and implementation of sustainability concepts in order to respond with the right level of education and focus in the most priority areas.

“Launching the survey is the best way for us to reach out on a large scale and ask vital questions to spa operators. Ultimately The SSA is here to be a practical and helpful resource and bridge the gap between sustainable concepts and spa business. The more people who take part the better we can listen, assess and respond in a way that will be most productive and impactful”

Lucy Brialey co-founder

The team at The SSA felt this was the most natural and the best way to begin the journey forward as, like all industries, sustainability has terms, concepts and practices that, unless you are aware of them or submerged in them often, they may have passed you by or not seem relevant to your line of work.

The Global Survey will help to form the basis and focus for the year ahead that everyone can be involved in.

The results and satrategy will be released in January 2021

“Working together is so important.  The wider we reach and the more feedback we receive, the better we as an association can give back and make progress that we can all be proud of for years to come”

Rob Cooper – co-founder

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and is open until 26th Novemeber 2020

Spa professionals in any location and of all levels are welcome to take part by following the link here

To find out more about joining some of the world’s leading spas to commit to making change and maintaining best environmental practice for the future please visit or send your sustainability story to

From: Lucy Brialey

Phone: +44 (0) 7590915541