The 2020 MINDBODY Wellness Index ranks the health of the 50 most populous cities in the US—naming the healthiest city in America, the most unhealthy, and every city in between. (See the list of America’s Healthiest Cities here.) And from their study results, they pull out data for other reports including Top Wellness Trends. For the full report and this blog post in full (written by MINDBODY Marketing Content Specialist Katherine Wernet), visit MINDBODY.


1. Experiential wellness rising

Wellness is more than just an appointment squeezed into a busy day. In many cases, it’s an event all its own. 47% of Americans surveyed attended a wellness event or experience last year—and 55% want to attend at least one this year.

Top three wellness experiences people want to try in 2020:

1.           Spa retreat (24% want to try)

2.           Nutrition/cleansing event (16%)

3.           Wellness festival (15%)

And travelers are already embracing wellness. Thirty percent book fitness, beauty, or wellness services at least half of the time they’re away from home.

2. Lashin’ is in fashion

Lash services are booming in beauty, and don’t expect that to slow down in 2020. Lash services are in high demand—with eyelash extensions being the most popular, followed by lash tinting and lash lifts.

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