In the never-ending search for the ultimate in youth Epicuren® brings one of the latest cutting edge ingredients into focus in the NEW unparalleled InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Serum.

Dragon’s Blood – “Sange de Grado”

The Dragons Blood is a resin extracted from unique Amazonian trees in South America. Its vibrant red color resembles that of blood – which is how it got its name.

Used in traditional medicine in South America since the 1600’s Dragons Blood has been used for its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

In skincare, its potent Proanthocyanidins (antioxidant) and Taspin concentrates make it an ideal exotic age-fighter.

Try InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Serum

This extraordinary serum improves the appearance of skin density & firmness with a high concentration of orange stem cells, Dragons Blood, and skin energizers to help reactivate the visible structure of the skin at its deepest level. The result is dramatically firmer looking skin!

Posted with permission from the Epicuren® blog