With the incredible stress levels that people have to endure around the world these days, having a way to get away from it all is more important than ever. Going to a spa for massage or water therapies is not necessarily just for fun, but can also be greatly healing for people suffering from emotional or physical concerns. Your spa business may be providing an extraordinarily important service for your Valley Village community, but now you would like ideas on ways to expand it and offer even more to your existing clientele while also reaching new clients, too.

Offer a Pool and Hot Tub

Water is rejuvenating. There is something peaceful and relaxing about being able to swim laps in a pool, or lean back and bask in hot jetted water. If you are planning to add on to your building or repurpose some existing rooms, consider adding water therapy services to your offerings. Start by finding a contractor who can help you navigate the logistics with services like obtaining permits and locating a water heater company in Valley Village. Once your new water features are underway, don’t forget to update your online and physical literature to let your existing and prospective customers know about this exciting new addition to your facility.

Create a Strong Social Media Presence

These days, developing a visible online presence, through your own website but also through social media, is critical to the success of most types of business. Keeping up with the trends on which social media platforms are most effective for marketing is an important aspect to ensuring that your business shows up where your clients are likely to frequent. Branch out to multiple social media platforms as new ones become popular, and be prepared to adapt as older ones fade away.

All that said, though, remember to maintain your own website and catchy domain name. Having a direct URL to your business creates a steadfast way for people to find your company, whether for the first time or as returning customers, even when social media websites and apps come and go.

Provide an On-Site Option

People are busier than ever, juggling children, jobs, and a variety of recreational activities, among other things. Sometimes, that means self-care tends to become the lowest priority in a long list of time-sucking activities. Offering a mobile service can be invaluable to those who can’t manage the travel time it takes to get to your spa.

Deck out a van with a chair and table, as well as storage for a variety of services such as massage, facials, manicures and pedicures, or any other choices you wish to offer your mobile clients. This could be an especially effective option if you can gain permission to park your van on the lots of large companies during lunch hours a couple days a week for quick pick-me-ups for the employees.

Consider Adding Specialized Massage Services

Another way to reach a broader base of clients is through specialized massage services. Certain groups of people may need a particular method that requires specific training techniques, either to prevent injury or to maximize a desired effect. Options may include senior massage, massage techniques to aid fertility, neonatal and infant massage, or reflexology to target problem systems. One fun idea, for example, is to offer combo packs for pet parents: the person and his or her pet can get massages alongside each other in the same room for a package price.

Regardless of the ways you decide to expand your business, your new services are sure to delight the people of Valley Village as much as your spa always has. As you continue to explore ideas, you may even want to consider polling your existing clients and the community as a whole for what services they would most like to receive and improvements they would appreciate seeing in your spa business.