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The demanding job profile makes you tired and drained all week long. So at the weekend, you deserve a spa treatment. But it gets expensive to go to a spa every time you want to have a relaxing day might be a bit out of your budget. That is why It might be fun to create your Spa at home and ask your friends to join in with you. You can have a relaxing spa day and full-on gossip with your friends to catch up on their lives and share moments of happiness. Continue reading this article to know how you can turn your living room into a beautiful spa-salon in just hours. 

1. Invite your friends: What a fun spa day if you can’t gossip with ladies to get your heart rates up? Create a chat group, call in the girls and get this party started. If you want to be fancy and make a personalized invitation for your home spa, you can always visit free websites like Canva to generate an amazing invitation in minutes. You can have a little snack tray for everyone. Your friends too can bring some food to eat, turning the spa day into a mini potluck. If you are a weed enthusiast, you may serve your guest with pre-roll marijuana. The weed will help everyone loosen up and create a delightful and relaxing experience for all. Make sure you visit an only medical dispensary in Silver Spring pre-rolls and other cannabis-products. 

2. Create the set up: Move the furniture in the living room to make space for your set up. Add a big mirror and other essentials to set up the place. You may add extra chairs in the living room to make space for your guest. 

  • As a host, you must make the guests comfortable for them to have a relaxing day. You may lay down a few health & beauty magazines so that they can browse through them. 
  • Add a few flower vases here and there to make the room look beautiful. Since you are inviting your friends over and not opening up a professional Salon, you can Decor you can decorate the space the way you see fit.

3. Go Solo: There are days when you might just want to be alone and are not in the mood to entertain others. At times, you want to let your hair down and enjoy a relaxing day at home. Maybe you like taking long baths, but don’t have enough time every day. So when you have time, you do it your way. 

  • Wear a face mask and set the bathtub with some bath salt and your favorite soap. Light-up some scented candles to create the perfect atmosphere, and you are good to go. 
  • Most people love the hair treatment that they get in a spa. They think it is not feasible to recreate the same at home. Well! You can always buy the hair products that they use in the spa, and apply them at home to get the same result. 
  • Take a bowl of hot water and add somebody cleansing gel to it. Then dip your feet in the bowl and relax wearing a facemask. After some time, rub your feet gently to get rid of the dead cells. 

4. Products: It is always better to consult a dermatologist and beauty guru to know your skin and hair type. Once you know what products suit you the best, you can purchase them online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Apply facemasks, eye gel, and moisturizers, and you are all set to experiencing your home-spa treatment. 

5. No distractions: The secret of having a relaxing day is to spend the same without any digital distractions and notifications. Turn off the smartphones and laptops and fully enjoy the day. Have your dinner early and hit the bed for good night’s sleep. Experience a night of uninterrupted sleep, and you will feel rejuvenated enough to face the new challenges of the world. It is absolutely mandatory to take time out of your busy schedule to invest in some self-care.