The explosion of cannabis-infused products into the market has so far been quite successful and well-received. CBD specific wellness and lifestyle products such as cosmetics and beauty ranges are receiving high demand due to the therapeutic benefits of the compound.

A powerful way of inducing the benefits of CBD’s topical application would be via massage therapy. Regular massages can improve skin elasticity, texture, relax the muscles, ease soreness, alleviate inflammation, and improve overall health and wellness. Introducing CBD to your massage routine can bring a lot of good to your skin and health.

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So how can the therapeutic benefits of CBD improve your massage experience? How to include the compound into our regular massage? Are there ways of incorporating CBD into a massage? Well, let us explore these questions in detail.

Benefits of Adding CBD to Massage Therapy

Introducing CBD into massage regimens can initiate several therapeutic benefits to users. The light texture and soothing aroma apart from the presence of a spectrum of cannabinoids can guide users to a relaxing, stress-free, and pain-free life. Here are some powerful benefits of adding CBD to a massage. If you are looking to buy CBD products make sure to check CBD Isolate wholesale direct from the source.

Pain and Inflammation Management

CBD’s potent analgesic properties in several forms such as CBD gummies with multivitamins, or CBD oil, can help treat body pain, muscle soreness, and inflammation. If you are not too keen on ingesting CBD in any form, you can reap the same benefits through topical application. 

CBD massage oils have healing properties without the presence of any psychoactive effects that help relieve inflammation in several parts of the body effectively.

It can be beneficial for users suffering from chronic pain or inflammatory issues such as arthritis or injuries. The compound binds with receptors to reduce the body’s response through inflammation.

Coping with Anxiety and Stress

The anti-anxiety properties of CBD create a relaxing and stress-relieving effect on the body. The compound regulates hormones responsible for coping with stress and eases stiffness and tension in the body. It makes users feel deeply relaxed and light after a massage that can be a rejuvenating experience overall. It can relieve the effects of stress and anxiety and make users happy and refreshed.


Aids in Sleep

Introducing CBD into effective massages such as deep tissue therapy can help relieve the strain and tension from the body and guide to good sleep. It eliminates common causes of sleeplessness such as pain, nervousness, restlessness, and makes users feel at ease to fall asleep faster.

Elevates Skin Health

The profile of nutrients that constitute CBD oil enriches the skin from within to add nourishment and enhance texture. It helps to balance natural oil secretion that eliminates common skin woes such as dry skin, acne, and some inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis. The compound can deeply moisturize and hydrate skin naturally.

Improves Mood

Massage therapies, in general, have an uplifting effect on users. Relaxing the mind and body through a soothing massage experience can be enjoyable and stress-busting. The use of CBD increases the concentration of happy hormones in the body to make the user feel light, happy, and positive post a massage session.

How To Include CBD In A Massage

1. Massage Oil

CBD Massage oils refer to a range of massage oils with an infusion of several cannabinoids of the cannabis plant in it. The oil derives from cannabis plant extract and is rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that can enrich skin health.

massage oils

The carrier oil could be coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil, induced with CBD for healing properties. Massaging the oil on the skin can directly bind the compound at CB receptors on the surface to initiate therapeutic benefits such as stress relief and good sleep. The natural oils can have powerful benefits for the skin and overall health.

2. Lotion

CBD infused lotions are the next best way of utilizing the power of the compound. Many people use lotions instead of oil during massages to reduce the greasy texture and provide a better grip while performing the massage. CBD infused lotions for therapy can be useful to introduce the compound to the skin. These lotions contain several other moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that can heal the skin.

The presence of CBD cleanses the surface and balances oil level to eliminate acne and other problems. It repairs damaged skin and heals inflammation in local areas such as joints and muscles effectively.

3. Bath Salts

CBD bath salts also have therapeutic effects on users when included in the massage regimen. Bath salts are often recommended by masseuse after a session of deep tissue therapy to eliminate the metabolic waste accumulated in the body.

The use of CBD bath salts can not only help in eliminating the toxins but also offer deep relaxation after a massage. A warm water bath with CBD bath salts or bath bombs can be deeply calming and relaxing for the mind and body to cope with pain, stress, and soreness.

4. Candles

CBD Massage candles slowly turn into massage oil on the application of heat, increasing the efficiency of the massage. It can perform three essential parts during a massage. Lighting up the candle at the beginning can set the aroma and environment in the room to be relaxing and quiet.

candles in massage

The wax then melts into a warm oil that can be useful for massaging into the skin. The combination of stress-relieving essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can help in soothing the mind and calm the user. The wax-like texture is easy to absorb on the skin and provides extraordinary moisturizing properties for healthy skin.

5. Body Butter

CBD Body Butter can be the solution to saving your skin from dryness and dullness. The high viscosity of body butter ensures that the skin always looks radiant and nourished. It increases moisture retaining capacity on the surface to reduce the appearance of age signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, saggy skin, and fine lines.

CBD is a natural humectant that can elevate the properties of the body butter and improve skin elasticity and moisture during a massage. It deeply penetrates the skin to add a natural glow from within and prevent skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.

How To Infuse CBD Into Massage Therapy

The vibrant range of lotions, creams, oils, bath bombs, serum, and more, can enhance skin and hair health and revitalize them with essential nutrients to add glow. These are direct means of infusing CBD into massage therapy. Alternatively, you can infuse CBD to your regular massage products by adding a few drops of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Utilizing a spectrum of CB receptors present in the skin to induce CBD through a massage can help treat general health problems and improve the relaxation effects of the massage.