Skin care is something that everyone can enjoy.  And it’s no secret that skin care for men is becoming a huge trend. So what are some ways men can pamper themselves?


Masking is a huge trend across all facets of the skin care trend right now. Our very own Sales Director, Dave Albers, noticed this at the WBC show back in January 2018. He noted that Clubman Pinaud’s Charcoal Peel-off Mask was a huge hit amongst the attendees there. The Clubman Pinaud brand has been around since 1810, I wonder if they ever thought they’d be selling masks for men in 2018? Either way, these masks have been selling extremely well. There are also entire skin care lines, like Kiehl’s, catered to all the masking needs any man would ever need.

Via GQ Magazine, from Arrested Development, 20th Century Fox 


More and more barber shops are offering facials as additions to beard trims and hair cuts. But they’re not the only ones, estheticians are getting in on male-specific facial services too. Even skeptics are experimenting with this new trend. These facials are mainly tailored to men because they deal with problems that men may experience, like razor burn and acne, as well as ingrown hairs.

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