Dentists don’t joke when they say that oral health should start as early as possible. This advice means you must have practiced good oral hygiene when you were a kid and start with your child if you have one. Even at your age, you can still save your oral health though.  

Regularly visit your dentist as he knows which dental health issues you may be experiencing. If you don’t have issues, then a regular dental health visit will still help you maintain your oral health. It’s vital to maintain good oral hygiene because of the following reasons: 

1. Reduces Health Problems 

One of the best reasons one should start practicing good oral hygiene is that as a person grows older, one’s health deteriorates. Whether you have a good lifestyle or not, the immune system weakens with age. That’s why keeping a healthy lifestyle at a young age helps you fight diseases. Part of a healthy lifestyle is the observance of excellent oral health.  

When your teeth and mouth are unhealthy, you increase your chances of developing diseases such as oral cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. More often than not, people with diabetes have gum diseases. 

  • When you have a gum infection, it becomes difficult to fight off infections, resulting in serious gum diseases. It’s because gum diseases will make it hard to control blood sugar levels. On the other hand, if you have good oral health, you can manage your blood sugar, preventing the development of diabetes. 
  • Another common health problem resulting in, or in connection with poor oral health, is heart disease. Strokes, blockages of blood vessels, and other heart diseases are often associated with chronic inflammation from gum disease. It’s because bacteria causing periodontal disease can cause hardening and plaque-buildup of arteries when these bacteria get into the bloodstream. When the arteries harden, it may cause a heart attack, heart blockages, and blood flow problems.  

Some causes of bacteria in your gum may be due to the presence of erupted Wisdom Teeth. Wisdom teeth can trap food debris and particles under your gums. When untreated, the build-up results in gum disease. 

These diseases are most common as you get older. Although poor oral health is not the only reason for developing such diseases, it contributes a lot. To avoid such, maintaining good oral hygiene at a young age may greatly help. 

2. Promotes Quality Of Life 

Dental care concept / dentist tools with dentures dentistry instruments and dental hygiene and equipment checkup with teeth model and mouth mirror oral health

Older people who may have permanently lost teeth due to poor oral health may also have poor quality of life. Because lost teeth can affect how you pronounce words, some became too shy to make conversations. Or you may even be too shy to smile because of missing teeth. When this happens, people decrease their social interactions which is an essential part of life.  

Moreover, losing teeth will cause bite misalignment, which results in difficulty eating. With such, you can negatively affect your health because you cannot eat hard food. 

You can resolve this with good oral hygiene during younger years or get a dental implant. If you have insurance that covers dental implants, then it’s better. That way, you can prevent such issues while you’re still young.


So, when you want to have better quality of life when you grow older, you should consider having good oral health as part of your healthy lifestyle. Having a complete set of teeth will help you enjoy any food, even in old age. It will also help you flash a smile and communicate well with other people. Moreover, good oral health will decrease your chances of developing illness brought by old age and gum disease. 

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