Medispa is a word that has slithered into the wellness lexicon and brought a world of confusion. Is it a spa, is it a clinic, is it a hospital – or is it a con? Mostly it simply means a spa with a doctor on call; some have a doctor on site while others have a host of specialists and therapists geared as much to your health and wellbeing as to your relaxation.

Such places are designed to examine every aspect of your body and wellbeing. They will test your blood, heart and lungs; they will decipher your cellular function along with your liver function; they will test your mobility, or check your DNA to help prepare for future illnesses.

Above all, they will give you the most comprehensive medical check-up money can buy. Preventative medicine is the fastest-growing sector in the wellness market.

Frances Geoghegan from Healing Holidays notes there has been a sharp increase in the past 24 months, with those seeking a medispa break up by 40 per cent. ‘In the UK we were very suspicious of what a medispa offered, but suddenly there has been a breakthrough, with people wanting to take more control of their own health,’ she says. This is particularly true of men – a sector which Geoghegan says has increased by 80 per cent in recent years.

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