– Yelp has released their top trends in 2021 highlighting the upcoming beauty, wellness and travel trends we can expect to see from consumers.

Whether we like it or not, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world, and subsequently, it’s impacted the trends we will be seeing from consumers entering the new year. Yelp recently released its forecast for 2021 based on 21 million reviews in 2020. Yelp’s data science team reviewed the data to find keywords and phrases that are indicative of further growth into the new year. They covered topics from beauty to travel to find the top trends in each section. 

5 Beauty Trends in 2021

Beauty businesses have remained resilient against quarantine in 2020, with offerings like virtual consultations, to-go hair kits and mobile treatments rising throughout the year. Going into 2021, safety and cleanliness will remain top of mind for consumers when it comes to their beauty needs. 

1. DIY and at-home facials. As consumers became antsy in quarantine, it looks like they may have taken it out on their hair. Color-correcting was up 29% in 2020, and it’s predicted that more hair fails are ahead as people continue to bravely attempt at-home dos. 

2. Acne treatments. Maskne was a big issue in 2020, with masking mandates causing people to break out. However, poor dietary choices, increased screen time and elevated stress levels definitely had an impact as well. Hormonal acne and maskne were top searches, with hormonal acne being up 104%. Unfortunately, this skin issue isn’t expected to go anywhere entering the new year, and it will continue to be a hot button for trends. 

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